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Jason Bustard

THEM Message Board Name: Railstar
AKA: TROAL (The Raving Otaku At Large)

Hometown: Atascadero, California, USA
Education: Scottsdale Community College '05 - A.A.S., Motion Picture/Television Production; Arizona State University Polytechnic '12 - B.A.S., Graphic Information Technology

Jason, Carlos, and Christi all met at a comic store anime festival years ago while Jason was an AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter tech with the US Army. After Jason left the military, he ended up back in Arizona with the THEM crew, and when he isn't spending inordinate amounts of time on World of Warcraft, he is working his way toward a career in video editing, as well as film and music production.

He also makes AMVs, and serves as DM for THEM's house d20 campaign. But don't ask him to julienne fries, or he'll look at you real funny.

Jason is married and lives and works in the Phoenix area in the film industry.

Don't let the avatar fool you, as Jason is almost never without his trusty Rastafarian hat.

Status: [INACTIVE]

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