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Lauren Smoller

AKA: Dark Lady, Aretz, Maureen Anson

Lauren was a theatre critic before becoming one of Carlos's typewriter monkeys. It's a great thing for her to do since she has an abundance of opinions, not always in agreement with anyone else's. Originally a broadcast journalism major at ASU, she has taken a long and convoluted road which resulted in her doing graduate work as a mortician in Georgia. She still resides in the greater Atlanta area.

She used to live in Japan and Korea and recently visited Japan and Israel (but not on the same trip!). She used to study Japanese and American Sign Language, and one day hopes to become fluent in something other than English. She's not into J-pop or cutesy anime, quite unlike Christi who eats cute for breakfast. She prefers her anime angsty but still humorous and with explosions.

She also remembers watching the third season of Fivemen in Japan as a child, and the following fall it debuted in the USA as the Power Rangers. She still thinks the green ranger is supposed to be female.

"I can be one of those bad things that happens to bad people."


Favorite Anime: Full Metal Panic, Please Teacher, Ranma 1/2
Least Favorite Anime: Ebichu Minds the House

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