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Pete Harcoff

THEM Message Board Name: Pete Harcoff

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Some of you may remember the original, text-based, minimalist THEM Anime Reviews. Well, we wanted to change that, and after several incarnations, a talented web designer came to our aid.

Pete, as some of you may know, is already highly active in the anime review field, with his own website, The Anime Critic, and the more recent omnibus page, The Meta Anime Review Project. Sadly, both are now largely inactive, due to the basic fandom rule of "life happens".

Well, Pete pretty much designed this entire site from the ground up, and while we fed him design specs and suggestions based on previous incarnations of the website, the coding on this baby is pretty much his.

When he isn't programming or watching anime, he enjoys skiing (not a difficult pastime to pursue during a Canadian winter) and generally tries to stay out of trouble up there in Ottawa. He would also like to state that the Senators will always rule over the Rangers.

Pete has since moved on to other projects, so maintenance of the site has since transferred onto the current staffers. Thanks for everything, man!

Status: [INACTIVE]

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