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Raphael See


Education: Arizona State University '99, Chemical Engineering / Pre-Med; University of Texas Southwestern '03 MD, Cardiology; Vanderbilt University '10 Postdoc, Cardiology

This whole site was his idea.

Raph (as we affectionately refer to him) wasted numerous hours doing this page while he was supposed to be doing his engineering and chemistry homework. He enjoys viewing anime of all sorts ... when he can find the time. (These days, mostly Ghibli.)

Despite all the distractions inherent in anime fandom, he managed to graduate anyway, finish his residency, AND start his practice: he is a cardiologist with Vanderbilt University in Nashville. (Maybe he wasn't so terminally frazzled after all?)

Be nice to him: he may be your doctor someday. Oh, and one more thing:

(\__/) .~ ~.))
/O O ./ .'
{O__, \ {
/ . . ) \
|-| '-' \ } )) Warning: squirrels.
.( _( )_.'
'---.~_ _ _&

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