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January 30 2006, 9:00 AM

Just Another Day in the Heisei Era

Our Editor-in-Chief starts off with a really bad run, pulling the trigger on the misleadingly titled and horribly unfunny CHRONO TRIGGER OAV and destroying the wretchedly animated video-game promo MARS OF DESTRUCTION.

Another video-game promo, DEMONBANE, is equally lightweight, but salvaged from the bottom by decent animation. Also, an adult review for VANILLA SERIES: SEISAI, which misses the "burnable trash" category by a slim margin.

In light of this, an update on the somewhat disappointing Ghibli film POM POKO is still a decided improvement on things. We also take a good look at GOOD MORNING ALTHEA, a sci-fi OAV long past its prime, but still surprisingly watchable. On top of that, there is a profile of GROWLANSER IV: WAYFARER OF TIME, a one-shot OAV that serves as an adequate anime introduction to the popular game franchise.

Finally, a second opinion of ONLY YESTERDAY largely reinforces and mirrors the sentiments of the original, while the truly impressive fantasy epic ARION finally gets the full-length review it deserves.

Meanwhile, Stig profiles the gothic doll series ROZEN MAIDEN, and gives it his seal of approval.

January 23 2006, 9:00 AM

Aye-aye, Cap'n Crunch!

Our Dear Leader starts us off with a first impression on the classic ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS anime, which, unfortunately, makes SAILOR MOON look like COWBOY BEBOP. He also tells the ludicrously surreal GLASSY OCEAN to go take a flying leap.

Tim takes on not one, but two wacky comedies, first braving the ridiculously overblown BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO, then having better luck with PANI PONI DASH.

Stig has a manageable time with the fantasy series EREMENTAR GERAD, yet another anime title whose name is the result of creators who very badly want to use the English language in their works, but sadly don't know how.

January 12 2006, 9:00 AM

Is it already 2006?

Time for another update.

Carlos starts us off heading north, with a positive second opinion of the Hokkaido-based drama DIAMOND DAYDREAMS, based on a preview DVD from ADV Films.

Live from Tokyo, Mippa gives us another second opinion in the form of a full review of MERMAID MELODY PICHI PICHI PITCH. She also profiles the pretty-boy fantasy series HARUKANARU TOKI NO NAKA DE ~HACHIYOUSHOU~, which roughly translates into English as "Pretty Boy Show With a Really Long Title ~Fushigi Yuugi All Over Again~".

Say that ten times fast. Or let's not and not say we did. (And just call it HaruDoinky.)

Not to be outdone, Stig takes on the full spectrum of quality with ARIA, which he thoroughly enjoys, and MAI-OTOME, which he thoroughly dislikes.

As a reminder to our readers that THEM Anime will give anything a chance, Connor takes on the dating-sim derived AIR movie, and gives it a resounding thumbs-up.

Of course, we save the biggest review for last, as we return to our editor-in-chief for a preview of the big theatrical release of early 2006: FINAL FANTASY VII: ADVENT CHILDREN.

So, yeah.

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