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October 29 2009, 6:04 PM

THEM Anime wants ask us questions!

Hey, THEM Anime watchers. We've decided to let YOU, the reader, ask us any 10 questions you wish for a future editorial. We will accept any questions BUT the following:

1.) Questions about politics / world views (due to THEM Anime policy).
2.) Stuff about private/home lives (unless approved by the staff. E-mail them first with specifics).

You can ask 10 questions for each staff member, and the ones we find the most interesting, funny, or at least tasteful will be the ones we answer.

All questions must be sent in by Monday, November 16th. The questions will then be answered the following Monday. You may either e-mail any of the following members for questions. Just make sure you tell us how you're asking the questions to.

Current participants:

Tim Jones (Morning Blue)
Bradley Meek (EveryNameTaken)
Stig Høgset (Northlander)
Jennifer Berman (doink-chan)
Carlos Ross (miwasatoshi)

We look forward to answering your questions.

- Tim Jones


This is Bradley. Just dropping a note saying that if forums aren't your thing, just send me an e-mail at bcmeek [at] hotmail dot com, and I'll be sure to pass your question along. If you're on Twitter, just Tweet your question to:

-Bradley Meek

October 26 2009, 6:35 AM

It's a Studio Ghibli three-for-one!

And few things could be better than that, am I right?

Yet again dipping into my special request lineup, I come up with the reviews for three of Studio Ghibli's movies, two of which are among my favorites. The three are Porco Rosso, an aviator's dream, Nausicaä, an enviromentalist's dream (kinda-sorta born from a nightmare of the same) and lastly, my personal favorite; My Neighbor Totoro, a childhood nostalgic's dream.

Next up; Tim brings us two vastly different seasons from the same universe (so to speak), one of them which I was allowed to throw in a few cents here and there. As for my own lineup, the special request queue will be taking a little break as I have three newer shows to review, two of which have just received official DVD releases and one of which is a fairly new show in its own right, not to mention the second season to a show that will be getting an official DVD release in December. Stay with us.

- Stig Høgset.

October 19 2009, 1:47 AM

Yuri Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Today we look at Koihime Musou, a re-telling of Romance of the Three Kindgoms with almost every old man replaced with a bunch of moe girls. Click on this sentence to read it.

That's it from me for now until my CANAAN review. (Which, yes, will be a positive one. Gasp!) Next week we turn to Stig who will start off his three very positive Studio Ghibli move reviews. Perhaps one, perhaps two.(?)

- Tim Jones

October 12 2009, 4:10 AM

Sweet Loretta Thought She Was a Singer, But She Was a Frying Pan

I've got something very different this week- a review of a documentary/educational video about voice acting for anime. Adventures in Voice Acting is pretty much what it sounds like, and is a helluva lot better than crappy REC anime about voice acting. It's something of a truism that education is fun if you're interested in what you're learning about, and whether you want to find out what it takes to be a voice actress, or just educate yourself on another facet of the anime industry, you'll be entertained by this fairly new documentary from the crew at Bang-Zoom.

You won't be seeing me and my dated pop culture references round here for a long while after this. Stig and Tim have a whole slew of reviews waiting for you. Stig is covering even more classics from Ghibli, and believe it or not, Tim actually found a new anime he likes.

If you're going to Motaku, Kansas City's brand new anime con, in a couple of weeks, look for me there. And be sure to check out my panel, "You Should Be Watching This RIGHT NOW!," which is basically a selective lists of recommended anime from the last few years. It's my first time hosting one, so wish me luck.

Until November,

Bradley Meek

October 5 2009, 11:31 AM

Sharing the Things We Know and Love With Those of My Kind

Last week's selection was great, but this one's even better. Tentai Senshi Sunred, or Astro Fighter Sunred, is a gag comedy that aired last year and has a second season that's airing as you read this. So I guess that makes my reviews relevant for two weeks in a row? The series imagines what it's like if the work of superheros was as routine as working part time at Mickey D's- and the results are terrific.

Join me next when I don't review an anime.


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