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December 25 2003, 12:00 PM

To those of you who celebrate:

Merry Christmas!
Feliz Navidad!

Also, tonight is the seventh night of Hanukkah, so, Hag orim same'ah!

Kwanzaa begins tomorrow, and Yule / Solstice was five days ago. Eid al-Fitr fell in November this year.

For those of you for whom I've omitted a holiday (or are just enjoying a free day off) ... good will to you, and may all of you have a safe and happy day, wherever you are.

December 24 2003, 9:00 AM

Christmas Eve is here ...

So we're giving you some reviews!

Jen (doink-chan) starts things off with a look at the not-so-great (okay, horribdoinky) boy-love romance feature BRONZE: ZETSUAI, which gets slapped pretty hard. Maybe its sequel could improve things?

Next up is Jeremy Beard, who chronicles the overlong mecha saga ARMORED TROOPER VOTOMS, which still garners some praise despite being pretty dated by this point.

Enoch Lau musters up the courage to take on the intimidatingly fan-servicey IKKITOUSEN, and comes up with a surprisingly average score for this recently licensed action series.

And it's back to Jeremy Beard again for a second opinion of GUNBUSTER, which only reaffirms that, even after 14 years, it's still one of Gainax's best ever.

Meanwhile, Tim Jones isn't so lucky, drawing the short straw with DRAGON BALL GT, and tossing it out like last week's garbage.

Finally, the long-awaited second review of NARUTO has Derrick Tucker watching over sixty episodes and *still* wondering what the fuss is about, matching the original review's average rating.

Hopefully we'll be able to get in another update or two by the New Year.


In one more bit of news, I would like to mention that THEM's own Jason Bustard witnessed the San Simeon earthquake firsthand on Monday morning, as he was in his hometown in Central California visiting family for the holidays. Fortunately, he and his family are fine, and he will be returning to THEM HQ soon.

Our prayers and thoughts go out to those affected by this event, and we are thankful that the damage has been relatively limited in scope.

Keep safe out there this holiday season, and I hope to see you all again soon, whether on the boards, or otherwise.

-- The Meticulous Figurehead, Carlos Ross

December 12 2003, 8:39 AM

One new review up today!

Tim Jones gives us his take on Pokemon The Movie 2000, which even by kid's easy standards might be a bit of a letdown.

Check back with us later tonight and on Monday for perhaps another small update before the holidays!

December 10 2003, 9:16 AM

As the days creep steadily towards Christmas, updates have been slowing down at THEM Anime. Expect an update on Friday, but there might not be another one until after the holidays.

To our dedicated readers: We have not forgotten you, nor anime! Expect the site to be in full swing again come January, and keep your eyes out for holiday updates! Perhaps Santa will leave you with something besides coal after all...

Yours Truly,

The Staff and Reviewers of T.H.E.M. Anime

Happy Holidays!

December 3 2003, 9:00 AM

Wednesday Update

Editor-in-Chief is back in the saddle for the time being. The day job has been very busy, and everyone's running around like crazy getting things ready for the Christmas season. That's right, our college students are cramming for midterms, and our post-college members are just plain cramming.

All this means that we haven't had much time for reviews. Thankfully we have something to upload for your viewing pleasure.

Jeremy Beard profiles the short-episode shrine-maiden series ASAGIRI NO MIKO, giving it an average rating.

On the racier side, Stig Høgset manages a review of the UK movie edit of UROTSUKIDOJI: LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND, which still manages an NC-17 rating and delegation to the adults-only wing of our site. Is it all it's cracked up to be? Well ... maybe not.

That's it for now - we will be updating as reviews come in, but for the time being don't expect a huge flood of writeups any time soon. The latest news is always available on our forums, of course.

As always, donations are welcome and greatly appreciated, as THEM Anime is non-profit website with no corporate affiliation, and all website costs are out of our own pockets.

Thanks for reading!

December 1 2003, 1:06 PM

So, I lied...

*ducks the tomatoes*

But this time I'm not! Your earstwhile staff lackey comes through with the goods! Up right now are two updates by Derrick Tucker for his Gundam Seed and Hunter X Hunter reviews and one by Tim Jones for Battle Athletes.

Also we have a second (more favorable) opinion from Jeremy Beard on Kokoro Library.

Expect more new reviews either tonight or Weds!

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