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December 28 2009, 5:40 PM

And now for a trio of shows that won't leave you feel SHAFTed!

If there was a Pun Hell, I'd so be there right now.

As a post-holiday gift, I present to you readers three SHAFT series for review!

First up is 2009 fan-favorite Bakemonogatari, an episodic series based on the popular light novel series by Nisio Isin. See for yourself what I had to say about this series.

Next up is the third installment of the popular Sayonara Zetsbuou Sensei series, Zan Sayonara Zetsbuou Sensei. Did I enjoy it as much as the first two series, or did it leave me in despair like Nozomu himself? Well, why don't you find out yourself?

And lastly we have Hidamari Sketch, a cute little series that, like the above series, has quite a few sequel series to its name. It's not completely finished yet, but click here to see my first impression of this series.

And that's it for now. Next Monday we'll go back to our ordinary one-review-a-week schedule, where I will turn it over to Bradley. See you next time!

- Tim Jones

December 23 2009, 6:51 PM

Reverse Thieves Secret Santa Update!

The terrific blogging duo Reverse Thieves has set up a Secret Santa project, and our site is one of many participants. It's like that lame game you're forced to participate in at work, only much better because there are cartoons involved. Everyone has a Secret Santa to recommend a series for them to review by Christmas, and today, we reveal our reviews of the series our St. Nicks recommended to us.

Tim starts things off like every holiday should be started- with lots of alcohol. Tim doesn't drink, but he did enjoy Bartender, an unusual seinen series that aired a few years back.

Before Stig sat down to watch Natsume Yuujinchou, he kept wondering whether his Secret Santa knew his tastes at all. After watching a single episode, though, he realized that maybe his Secret Santa knew him far TOO well.

Like Tim, I have mixed feelings about my series, The Daughter of Twenty Faces. I liked it, but I couldn't love it. The review says I've only seen 18 episodes so far, but I will probably wrap up the series later tonight, since I had to turn in the update today.

Wow, only four more days until another update? It's a Tim day next Monday, as he reviews three series from studio SHAFT.

See you on the other side of the holidays,

-Bradley Meek

December 21 2009, 4:33 AM

Closing in on the Holidays...

With Christmas closing in, we at THEM anime prepared a holiday special for you all to enjoy, where we review nothing but good shows.

Suit of Red, Hair of Red, Shoes of Red... Must Be Baccano!

Bradley wraps up his short series of bloody anime with one of the best releases in recent memory: Baccano! This anime (mostly) set in Depression Era America captured his imagination, making him write a review that's more lyrical- and weirder- than usual.

Tim dug up a review of Gurren Lagann, and it looks like he struck gold with this popular GAINAX work, which even he can't deny the popularity of.

Going for something considerably more sedate, which is exactly the way Stig likes his shows these days, we have Katri ~Girl of the Meadows~, a show taking place in Finland during the first World War (not to mention the Finnish Civil War.) Sadly, he could barely manage to scrounge up one third of the show, but what he saw was certainly good stuff.

And that's that. While our release scedule will continue normally, there will also be a special update on Wednesday the 23rd, once again from the three of us. So see you guys soon.

- Brad, Tim and Stig.

December 14 2009, 2:29 PM

What Is And What Should Never Be

Good afternoon, readers. I've got two short reviews for you today, one of which is possibly the shortest anime review ever published. Six words is all the time I give to Weiss Survive, a short parody of children's card game that actually doesn't do a lot of mocking of children's card games. Instead, it has boob jokes.

I only spend a little more time on Kurozuka, a series from MADHOUSE that aired last year. I found it vastly more entertaining, and to find out why, click on the little friendly link here.

Next week is a special Christmas edition of THEM Anime. Since we couldn't book David Bowie to sing "Little Drummer Boy" with us, you'll have to make do with three new reviews as I continue on my riff through bloody fun anime, Stig writes about something absolutely different, and Tim gets his drill power on.

It only goes to show,

-Bradley Meek

December 7 2009, 7:05 PM

Get Me Offline, I'm Dying

One of the things that keep the free fan press going is writing about anime they feel strongly about- how much they loved it, or how they wish they could throw every DVD and master in hot acid. But it's good for everyone to occasionally take a risk on something that's foreign to the reviewer and hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Baldr Force EXE: Resolution is one such series, and after seeing it, I can see why there has been no buzz about it. Click here to immerse yourself in even more cyberspacieness.

The first few weeks of December look to be a madhouse for me, but don't worry, I will still be here a week from now, talking about time, space and vampires.

Bradley Meek

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