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December 24 2017, 4:19 PM

Reverse Thieves Secret Santa Project 2017.

So yeah, we had no server downage this year, so this update is more or less right on time.

And whoever picked shows for Nico this year (no, it wasn't me this time) seemed to know her tastes fairly well. In the end, she went for Gosenzo-sama Banbazai!, a show that is not easy on the viewer by any stretch of the imagination. That's Oshii for you, I guess. She does recommend it, though, as long as you know what you're setting yourself up for.

To some extent, the same can probably be said about my pick of the year. As someone who has actually lived on a (very small scale family) farm, I ended up choosing Silver Spoon, which is a very, very pragmatic look on what it means to run a farm where meat is (mostly) on the menu, and where its main lesson for the most seems to be "don't take any of this for granted". It also ended up being a second opinion that doesn't really disagree with anything from the original review, so I can only hope our readers find enough interesting material to read from my review as well.

Since this special RSS review ran close enough to our regular Monday updates, you can consider this a replacement for tomorrow's update. Other than that, we hope you all have had a nice holiday, and it looks like our next update will be on the very first day of the year. Imagine that.

-Stig Høgset.

December 19 2017, 12:11 PM

Nico-Chan Lied!

No, I didn't get my review done.


So, thanks to him, we've got an update today, though whether he's really happy that he sat through In Another World With My Smartphone is a whole separate question....

Next week will be fun. Very fun. And Nico-chan might actually get things together. WILL SHE DO IT?

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of A FLAKY GRAD STUDENT REVIEWS ANIME!!!

-Nicoletta Christina Browne

December 18 2017, 9:19 AM

Hold Onto Your Santa Hats!

Review incoming....Nicoletta has something in the works now that she's escaped the Central Coast and the Thomas Fire (yes, she's safe and everybody she knows is as well!) won't be until tonight or early tomorrow morning. Keep your eyes peeled for then!


December 11 2017, 6:02 PM

The Corner Nobody Wants to be in...

So, Allen takes on a rather... painful show in In This Corner of the World, in that it takes place in said world war, except not as directly as one might expect. Which doesn't make the show any less serious, mind you, or even any less good.

And that's it for this week. Christmas approaches rather swiftly, so we'll see how our scedule works out. (Barring any unforseen situations like what happened last year.) There will be some Reverse Thieves Secret Santa reviews this year, of course. Hopefully on the very day too. See you again.

-Stig Høgset.

December 4 2017, 9:21 AM

Tell Hell I said "bye"....

Allen has stayed with Hell Girl through its ups and downs, but unfortunately, he finds Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight to be the biggest down of them all, half of it going too overboard on the grimdark and the last half... well... just read on and see.

Christmas is closing in, although our yearly contributions to the Reverse Secret Santa is still some time off. Allen will still be back next Monday, though, and maybe with something better? Well... obviously, right?

See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

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