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February 28 2005, 9:00 AM

Update Already, Will Ya?

Now back out from being under the weather for much of February, Carlos starts the round of ADV screeners with the Obari Masami giant robot / maid comedy Gravion Zwei. Though he comes out with the frying pan ready, he puts it down and instead comes up with some very positive words for the show.

More to come shortly.

February 11 2005, 9:00 AM

Friday Update

Carlos has a cheap laugh or two at the expense of the out-of-print LA Hero release Raven Tengu Kabuto.

That's all for now!

February 10 2005, 9:00 AM

One For Wednesday

Connor takes a look at the alternate world magical girl tale, Munto, and finds that though it had some interesting elements, an overabundance of average elements (and perhaps lazy staff) keep it from truly being good.

-Updated by Jeremy A Beard

February 8 2005, 9:00 AM

What It Is Only Tuesday?

Doinkies starts us off with a scathing review of Futari Wa Pretty Cure. As much as she dislikes Futari Wa Pretty Cure she enjoys the Catholic school girl romance drama sequel Maria-sama Ga Miteru ~Haru~.

Enoch gives us his review of Dear Boys which barely manages an average rating. He feels it wouldn't be accessible for non-basketball finds and too unrealistic for actual fans.

It doesn't seem it has a been a good last few weeks for the members of THEM, as Stig and Tim prove with their brutal reviews of the awful Memories Off 2nd and Ultimate Girls respectively.

Stig is a bit more pleased with the supernatural horror/comedy title Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~.

Tim attempts to wash out the bad taste of Ultimate Girls with a second opinion of the first season of Sailor Moon which he gives a rather hearty endorsement.

Jeremy explores the spectrum of quality with a trashing of the glorified TOMY advertisement OAV Battle Skipper, slight praise for Ghost Sweeper Mikami: Movie, a positive yet qualified review of Banner Of The Stars and a glowing review of the ballet magical girl fantasy Princess Tutu.

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