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February 13 2006, 9:00 AM

Another Slow Monday

But the Editor-in-Chief drags himself out of bed to give you a review for the early 1980s film BAGI: THE MONSTER OF MIGHTY NATURE, which is a must for students of catgirl history, as well as Tezuka Osamu fanatics, but likely nothing special for anyone else.

February 6 2006, 9:00 AM

Put That Guitar Down, Let's Have an Update!

Our resident Guitar Hero (Editor-in-Chief) axes two offensive hentai series, IKUSA OTOME VALKYRIE and VANILLA SERIES: MILK MONEY, wondering what on Earth could possess anyone to enjoy this material. Compared to this, AKIBA GIRLS almost looks good, except that it's cliched and stupid and has fake boobs. So it's up to fantasy RPG parody TOWER OF ETRURIA to remind us that good hentai is truly in the eye of the beholder. *snort* To make up for this horrendous pun, he promises to have more non-hentai reviews by mid-week.

Returning to the Land of General Audiences, we introduce our newest reviewer, Jake Godek, who immediately goes through being hazed with bad anime, like DEMON LORD DANTE, KAGIHIME, SUZUKA, and a second opinion of CARDCAPTORS. He also takes on a preliminary review of SPIRIT WARRIOR: PEACOCK KING.

And now, we return to our Editor's rendition of "Bark at the Moon", made famous by Ozzy Osbourne ...

February 3 2006, 9:00 AM

The Groundhog Said WHAT?

Winter? What is this "winter" you speak of?

Meanwhile, in balmy, dry Arizona, our Editor-in-Chief tackles the edited and unedited versions of MEZZO FORTE, thanking director / creator Umetsu Yasuomi for actually turning it into something of a comedy, and therefore turning out an enjoyable show. VANILLA SERIES: STORY OF LITTLE MONICA also proves surprisingly enjoyable, if a bit too silly to be called "good".

On the opposite end of the appropriateness spectrum, we have the slow, but satisfying children's movie PRINCESS ARETE.

More later.

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