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March 29 2004, 9:00 AM

And another update to round out the month of March.

First up is Samuel, who gives us his take on the 2003 series GUNSLINGER GIRL, which is actually much better than the title implies.

On the other hand, Stig tackles UROTSUKIDOJI 2, gives it a below-average grade, and warns us that the worst is yet to ... arrive.

He gets marginally better results with SOL BIANCA 2, which is sadly too short and inconclusive for a good grade.

Finally, Stig brings us an update on both HAPPY LESSON (with its R1 DVD titles and dub getting a thorough slapping, though he still loves the show itself) and HAPPY LESSON ADVANCE, which remains lukewarm at best.

March 8 2004, 9:00 AM

It Sure Is Monday ...

While we have plenty of older titles to catch up on, Carlos gives us an indepth look at one of the series currently running on Japanese television: the girls school drama MARIA-SAMA GA MITERU, which wins the award for the creepiest English translated title ever: "The Virgin Mary is Watching You". The show itself isn't all that creepy though, unless you happen to find romance between Japanese Catholic schoolgirls to be an inherently frightening thing.

Even better, Jen has a partial review of an even older series ... yep, ROSE OF VERSAILLES, which, despite being as old as the Editor-in-Chief, lands squarely in the five-star category. Yes!

Finally, Carlos goes back and updates his review on CREST OF THE STARS to a full 13 of 13 episodes. No change in the rating, this stuff is good.

March 5 2004, 9:00 AM

Two Updates in a Week? What a Concept!

Carlos finally gets his butt in gear and cranks out a review for COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE (unfortunately not as cool as everyone says it is) and a look at the thoroughly average 90s series ZENKI (complete with cliched Kageyama Hironobu theme song).

Meanwhile, Jen takes on the classic 80s magical girl series CREAMY MAMI. Thankfully, the word is that it's officially "not doinky".

March 3 2004, 9:00 AM

An Update! OMGWTFBBQ!!111!!

About darn time, huh.

First off, Jed leads us through the surreal world of CAT SOUP, and gives it a passing grade.

Not so lucky is Jason, who came in expecting a Studio Gonzo anime, but drew ZAION ~I WISH YOU WERE HERE~ instead. Yeah, it's still Gonzo, and we all wish it had been left on the drawing board.

Same with Stig, who is saddled with the two-bit single-shot PRINCESS MINERVA. And there was much rejoicing. Yay. He is also tabbed for the 1990 video release SOL BIANCA, which gets the "should have been better but does not suck" stamp of approval.

Tim gives us a take on POKEMON ADVANCE, which will apparently appeals mostly to fans of the original series (especially those who were wise enough to skip Johto entirely).

Jeremy tackles the rather daunting ARGENTO SOMA, and while there's too many errors for it to score the highest rating (Missiles Rock On!), it ends up on the positive side of the Force. And another positive review from Jeremy for the uniquely creepy 2003 TV series HUNDRED STORIES, which wins this week's "And Now For Something Completely Different" Award.

Which leaves us all wondering ... when will the Chief Editor write another review? No, really.

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