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March 23 2006, 9:00 AM

Correction Complete

The rest of the shows from Monday's update are now linked on the sidebar.

March 22 2006, 12:13 AM

Re: Attack of the Show! appearance

For those of you who missed it the first time, G4TV has a video available here:

Please note that the first six seconds of the video are an ad for The Man Show.

March 20 2006, 5:30 PM

Live from the G4TV Green Room

The Editor-in-Chief has just realized he has failed to link all the reviews in the recent update properly. We here at THEM regret the error, and will remedy that sometime tomorrow. Or something.

Until then, the reviews are accessible through the main review list.

(The Editor-in-Chief's brains have been secretly replaced with dark, sparkling Folger's Crystals. Let's see if anyone notices.)

Is that Adam Sessler I just saw in the hall?

March 20 2006, 9:00 AM

Overdue update

Yeah, I know, been a while.

Our Tokyo correspondent, Mippa, is nursing a busted ankle, so she's sent us a barrage of reviews for various and sundry titles. She starts by taking one off the long-term North American backlog, the stylish and enjoyable SUPER GALS! Not so positive is the game-based video series TRIANGLE HEARTS ~SWEET SONGS FOREVER~, more proof that THEM Anime reviewers are collectively allergic to moe.

Also, imagine if THEM Anime had a title like that.


Maybe not so cool.

Recovering from the tildes, Mippa continues with the shoujo comedy DAA! DAA! DAA!, the magical girl series ASK DR. RIN!, and the historical horror piece AYAKASHI ~JAPANESE CLASSIC HORROR~, which bucks the tilde trend and turns out to be excellent. Finally, she gives us a second opinion on the action series STREET FIGHTER II V.

Don't worry, our other reviewers have also been putting in submissions as well.

Dominic takes an alternate view on GANTZ, calling it a "guilty pleasure" but ultimately saying it's only worthwhile if you find exploitation funny.

Stig continues on his quest to cover every Matsumoto series ever made with a new review of SPACE SYMPHONY MAETEL, which is a treat for fans of the titular character. On the other hand, in a case of what may be unnecessary masochism (or maybe schadenfreude?), he also updates his review of MAI OTOME to 13 episodes. Oh my.

Jake gives us a glowing writeup of the ecchi comedy BATTLE PROGRAMMER SHIRASE, which is unusual since he doesn't normally like ecchi comedies at all, and even more usual since we normally bash the heck out of series with underage fan service. The Frying Pan of Justice shall remain holstered, this time. On the other end of the spectrum, Jake attempts to profile the bizarro mannequin show THE FUCCONS (which qualifies for this site by classification as "Japanese animation) and barely gets past a single episode before running for the hills. Is it really that bad? Hmm ... Finally, one of the oldest backlogged unlicensed series finally gets covered, the fantasy series LORD OF LORDS RYU KNIGHT: ADEU'S LEGEND, which has the dubious distinction of having the most unwieldy title in the whole genre.

That's it for now.


And don't forget, the Editor-in-Chief will be on tomorrow, at 4pm Pacific Time, on G4TV's Attack of the Show!, taped live in beautiful southern California.


March 17 2006, 5:43 PM

Okay, folks, stay tuned

This Monday, March 20, 4pm Pacific time, the Editor-in-Chief will be featured as a guest on G4TV's Attack of the Show, discussing anime reviews.

Several reviews will be posted over the weekend before the plane flight to Los Angeles.

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