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March 21 2007, 7:43 AM

The editor and the editorial.

As a bonus to the already large update from yesterday, our former editor-in-chief (whoa, almost wrote "chef" there) whips up another editorial for you all to read.

So go read.

- Stig Høgset.

March 20 2007, 7:29 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, we have just crossed a threshold.

Hello, and welcome to yet another update here at THEM anime. I'm Stig, and it's my pleasure to bring you yet another update that marks a bit of a milestone -- almost literally at that -- here at THEM.

Tim leads us off with a review that got held back a little.... in bureaucracy. Yeah, that's it. *whistles* Anyway, his second opinion of the Happy Lesson TV series is finally here, which is basically my opinion with some added skepticism.

Among the fresh material, first out is a bit of a classic. The title in question is Space Runaway Ideon. Neither me nor Jennifer were notably impressed by it -- rather the opposite, in fact -- so we chose to tag-team it, much like we did Aquarion some time ago. We will also eventually be doing the movie, so look forward to that. The review, I mean.

Next on the list marks the return of our former editor-in-chief and his review of the visually impressive (but otherwise less than impressive) Steamboy. I'd make some "ran out of steam" joke at this point, but that would be just inappropriate.

And now for the milestone in question: Our review number 1000. Yes, the amount of reviews here at THEM anime just made it into four-digit territory, so we decided to let our respected forum members select which anime would have the honor of being number 1000 by dragging them into the voting booth (otherwise known as a poll.) The votes have been cast, and the desicion was made.

The winner is none other than Death Note, covered (with much rejoicing) by Melissa, who agrees that it is an excellent show well worth any of its own hype. A fitting show for a milestone, then.

But we have more.

See, the editor-in-chief-in-retirement actually wrote two reviews, the second being the cute but grisly murder mystery When they cry - Higurashi. It's not a fantastic show, he says, but it's certainly an eye-opener for a variety of reasons, and its value will just have to be set by the audience and their stomachs.

Rounding off our update, Tim also puts in his second entry by covering Mahou Sensei Negima! OAV Natsu. Being a bit of a Negima fan, Tim is still severely disappointed in this offshoot, notably for being much too creepy and pointless.

And it is with that I round off this update and the realization that we don't actually have a Negima!? review yet. I shall endeavour to remedy that for the next update, so for now, I bid you all a good day.

-Stig Høgset.

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