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March 19 2008, 10:26 AM

It's snowing like crazy outside right now.

So seeing as I'm on vacation anyway, how about a few new reviews?

Brad's been quite the industrial reviewer these last few weeks. He's got four new reviews for us lined up (with a fifth one getting the final touches done in preparation for the site submission).

First off, he grants Origin: Spirits of the Past a ... recommendation. I guess the story was better when it was called "Nausicaa". Incidentally, this is one of the last reviews that was lost in the great time theft that happened in October last year.

Anyway, he moves on to Neko Rahmen, a somewhat absurd yet entertaining anime based on a four panel comic strip. Apparently, it works well for the show.

Next up on the list is the sequel to one of the most famous works of Gainax. Well, one of them anyway. The title in question is Gunbuster 2: Diebuster, a rather entertaining show in its own right. Incidentally, is there ANY works of Gainax that AREN'T famous? I mean... even He is My Master has its aspects of infamy, come to think of it.

But I digress, which is a bit of a reflexive and defensive mechanism of mine when I start remembering shows I'd rather forget, so let's move on to Brad's last offer for today. It's Akagi, a balls-to-the-wall anime about... Mahjong? Oh dear. I guess this one goes into the "special interest" pile.

We've still got two reviews left for this update. One of them has Tim checking out the Clannad movie, keenly dubbed "Clannad Reduced", since the movie chooses to focus on the main cast only. Personally, I can't wait until Clannad: Reloaded and Clannad: Revoluti-... what? There's no such thing? Bah! And here I was looking forward to some bullet dodging scenes.

...what do you mean "Clannad's not that kind of show"?

*hrmph* Anyway, on my last update, I presented our readers to a new axis of evil in anime, and I promised you I'd watch something good this time. With that in mind, including the recent license announcement, I have the pleasure to introduce Maria Watches Over Us, the third season of a rather nice drama show starring Catholic schoolgirls. What do you know; the Red Hot Chili Peppers were right after all.

Well, back to enjoying my vacation, I guess. A happy Easter to all our readers.

- Stig Høgset.

Edit: Rushing in right before the deadline, Brad brings you the remaining review, which is for a show called Witchblade. He isn't all that impressed with it, but it still gets the "nice try" award.

March 6 2008, 3:14 PM

Rightstuf licenses MariMite

With the delightful announcement made only minutes ago, I went and made the necessary edits to reflect this, including changing the titles of the reviews to reflect the eventual DVD release; Maria Watches Over Us.

- Stig H.

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