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April 26 2006, 9:00 AM

Quicky Update

In between all those finals, our Editor-in-Chief manages to sneak in a partial review of the disappointingly mediocre MELODY OF OBLIVION.

Of course, since when is something "fortunately" mediocre? Or "excitingly" mediocre? Or even "unforgettably" mediocre? That's pretty redundant when you really stop to think about it.

April 21 2006, 9:00 AM

Sorry for the delay, folks!

Jake starts off with a glowing second opinion of AH MY GODDESS TV that essentially positively reinforces the first. On the other hand, he also takes on MAGIC SCHOOL LUNAR, which ends up being a complete waste of ten minutes.

Stig gives a thumbs up to the non-cliched action-adventure BLACK CAT, as well as the game-based FATE/STAY NIGHT.

Mippa gives us a very alternate take on EBICHU MINDS THE HOUSE from the perspective of someone who is familiar with the OL lifestyle. She then gives us a rundown on the mediocre anime adaptation of PARADISE KISS, and gives some positive words in a second opinion on PEACH GIRL. She then gives effusive praise in a long-awaited MAISON IKKOKU review (about time we get this up!), as well as BLACK JACK SPECIAL: THE FOUR MIRACLES OF LIFE. (It's Black Jack, of course it's gonna be awesome!) She then slams MOMOIRO SISTERS, hard, which is no big surprise from the review site that also trashed Colorful. Heh. Finally, a look at the disturbing NEKOJIRU GEKIJOU, a TV series precursor to Cat Soup ... and Mippa decides she really needs to wash her hands of it and get back to something better, like Black Jack TV.


Tim has a lot to say about WANDABA STYLE, very little of it nice.

Dominic is quite impressed with the Kon Satoshi TV series PARANOIA AGENT, which was a real hit at THEM Anime Nights over the last year.

Finally, our Editor-in-Chief takes on the Tatsunoko action series KARAS, and is quite pleased with the results.

April 10 2006, 2:36 PM

Appearance at AniZona 2

THEM Anime Reviews is running another panel this year at AniZona 2 -- naturally, it's the THEM Anime Reviews panel, where we talk about anime reviews, anime in general, and whatever we feel like talking about. Carlos and Christi will be there, and Jason might make an appearance (though he'll be busy as he's the programming guy at AniZona again this year). Since Carlos and Christi are not staffing the convention this year, this'll be your only chance to see them there (or anywhere else this convention season). The panel will be on Saturday, 9am at Panel Room A, though if you're late, the panel room will be open for the next three hours.

If you don't already have a membership to AniZona 2 ... you're out of luck, as they're already sold out at 1200, better luck next year!

Reviews coming this week for BLACK CAT, FATE/STAY NIGHT, and KARAS.

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