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April 25 2011, 2:14 PM

They say every rose has its thorns..

...some more than others.

Today's review, which actually has little to do with roses, is of King of Thorn, a 2009 movie based off the 2002-2005 psychological thriller manga by Yuji Iwahara.

In May Stig revisits an anime of his and gives it a second outlook himself. See you then.

- Tim Jones

April 18 2011, 10:26 AM

Another candle burns out.

Long-director Osamu Dezaki died yesterday at age 67 from lung cancer. He was widely known for his inventive usage in anime of split-screens and frames dissolving into watercolor stills (which has been used/parodied by most every animation studio in Japan since, even in Pokemon). His work in the anime industry over the course of 43 years - from Astro Boy in 1963 all the way up to the Clannad movie in 2007 - will forever be remembered.

- Tim Jones

April 11 2011, 2:23 PM

Let's bring more love onto the site.

This week's review is of Motto To Love-Ru, the 2010 sequel to the not-so-stellar 2008 To Love-Ru anime. Fortunately, the second time around is actually much better, a rarity in anime. Stig once again accompanies me on Motto's review as well.

We're going to start our bi-weekly update schedule effective immediately, so we will return Monday, April 25th with a new review from Diane. See you then.

- Tim Jones

Addition: Sora no Woto has been renamed Sound of the Sky in honor of its license by RightStuf International.

April 5 2011, 12:11 AM

Not so lucky day

After yet another delay, I have for you the Lucky Star rewrite. Enjoy my re-visiting of this once infamous series.

- Tim Jones

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