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May 26 2004, 9:00 AM

Out to Lunch Convention

We are gone for FanimeCon this weekend. For those attending that convention, we will be one of the hosts for the anime review panel on Sunday 7pm (remember, Monday is a holiday!).


May 21 2004, 9:00 AM

Friday Update

We're one week out from FanimeCon in San Jose. Several members of THEM Anime will be attending that weekend, and if you are planning on attending, keep an eye out for the anime review panel. You know you want to go see us. You do.

Anyway, on to actual review submissions: Samuel brings us a old-school smackdown of the out-of-print OUTLANDERS. To make up for it, he also gives us an advance look at the recently licensed FULL METAL ALCHEMIST, which won a lot of anime industry awards in Japan. Big surprise there, it's good.

Derrick takes on the fifth POKEMON movie, POKEMON HEROES, mostly because no one else seems to have noticed its existence.

May 18 2004, 11:00 AM


Since Carlos was lame and accidentally linked THE HUMANOID twice yesterday, Mippa's TENCHI MUYO OAV SERIES 3 review is now up on the sidebar one day late.

May 17 2004, 9:00 AM

Another Update, So Soon? You Jest!

Introducing another new reviewer today: Aimée Schafer! Aimée starts us off with an amusing take on ANGEL SANCTUARY, which is a perfectly good tangle of a shoujo story mired in what amounts to be way too much incest. Oops.

Jeremy ably handles THE HUMANOID, a mid-80s android flick that was mediocre then and extremely unimpressive now. (Now linked twice, because Carlos is lame.)

Another review from Mippa today: a second opinion of the classic shoujo anime CREAMY MAMI.

May 14 2004, 9:00 AM

Just Blame Oda Nobunaga

Carlos successfully tears himself away from Samurai Warriors long enough to upload some reviews.

Jeremy begins with the second Reviewer's Challenge submission: the lackluster MASTER OF MOSQUITON '99 television series. Bleh bleh indeed.

However, he follows up with a review on the superlative sci-fi drama PLANETES. If this doesn't get licensed within the year, consider us shocked.

Stig, unfortunately, gets saddled with one too many hentai titles -- he gives up entirely on the UROTSUKIDOJI franchise after the simply horrific debacle that is UROTSUKIDOJI 3: RETURN OF THE OVERFIEND. Well, I guess we'll have to pawn U4 on someone else then ...

May 3 2004, 9:00 AM

Almost Cinco de Mayo

First off, Mippa takes on our first look at the perennial favorite DETECTIVE CONAN, which passes with flying colors.

Tim gives us a second look at MAGICAL PROJECT S, and comes away reinforcing the original, positive writeup.

In a highly anticipated set of reviews, Christi discusses the recent romance series AI YORI AOSHI and its sequel AI YORI AOSHI ~ENISHI~.

In the meantime, Stig reaches into the hentai pile and comes up with the middling "ninja action" OAV BLOOD SHADOW. He also stumbles over MAETEL LEGEND, a rarity in that it's a Matsumoto feature he doesn't particularly care for.

Jeremy takes on BLACK JACK: THE MOVIE, which, not too surprisingly, earns a passing grade. He also discusses LOST CHAPTER OF THE STARS: BIRTH (the bonus episode on the final DVD of BANNER OF THE STARS II), which only gets an average rating.

For those of you who have not been keeping up with the forums, I have recently instituted the Reviewer's Challenge -- it's easier to sit through good anime, so I've challenged the staff to bring us reviews of anime that other sites have ripped up. First submission on the Reviewer's Challenge is from Stig, regarding HANAPPE BAZOOKA. He's not about to prove anyone wrong here, either: it's bad.

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