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May 31 2005, 9:00 AM

Our Editor Is Temporarily Out Of The Office But Our Reviews Continue On

Though our Chief Editor is currently out of the country and hanging out in Japan, our highly trained, highly skilled, and highly autonomous staff of reviewers still are churning out reviews for our loyal readers.

Connor starts us off with a very critical review of the exploitative yuri mecha "maid fantasy thing" KANNAZUKI NO MIKO.

Jennifer then takes a look at two Ribon OAVs: BABY LOVE and GOOD MORNING CALL. While the former gets some qualified approval, the latter gets blasted for trying to cram a 10+ manga run into a nineteen minute OAV.

Tim takes a look at RAVE MASTER and finds it thoroughly unoriginal.

Lastly, Stig reviews two different sorts of shows featuring cute girls: AIR TV and MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA. While AIR is denied a fourth star only by a poor ending, MAHOU SENSEI NEGIMA doesn't even manage to earn a third.

-Update By Jeremy A. Beard

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