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May 5 2007, 3:51 PM

Doh! I'm a dolt.

Yeah, I forgot to include one of the reviews on yesterday's update, namely Dominic's review of the utterly fantastic Girl who leapt through time. Fortunately, that was easily amended, so go read. And go watch.


May 4 2007, 5:27 PM

Spring fever.

Finally, spring seems to be around, and our review crew have been working extra hard to get the reviews done. As a result, we've got quite the load to.... unload on the unsuspecting audience on this day.

Starting off with a rewrite, I present (or is that REpresent? No, that sounds wrong too) Uta~Kata, given another chance at closer scrutiny. It seems I've overlooked some things in this show, so a rewrite will hopefully rectify the situation.

I've also got a few new reviews for you. First off, we have Kanon 2006, a remake of the original Kanon, which received a lukewarm reception here at THEM. Is the remake any better? Wait and see. Next up, we have Strawberry Marshmallow, a show about cute kids doing cute stuff. Seeing as the show in question brought more to the table than mindless fluff, it ends up ranking quite high. However, it is when we delve into the readings of my childhood that we reach gold. The Snow Queen proved to be just that, and it made a magnificent impact on this reviewer.

Sadly, that's where the quality of the shows starts slipping, as Negima!?, the newest addition to the whole animated Negima continuum, fails to entertain OR impress. Maybe it would have helped if they actually stuck to the manga or at the very least lost the rather avantgarde visuals. Who knows? Continuing the sleigh-ride to the very bottom of the hill, Legend of DUO awaits the unsuspecting audience like an anemic vampire, and it ain't a pretty sight. Well, not really.

Moving on to the next reviewer, Jake makes yet another return with a second opinion for the ill-fated Star Ocean EX, a show that, according to both reviewers, would probably have been better off remaining just a video game.

Far more fortunate with her review titles is Melissa. Leading off with perhaps the best; Hataraki Man, she sets out to prove that if you do it right, even a story about someone with a boring job can entertain and maybe even hit home with many of you out there who sometimes feel a bit stuck in life. And to quote a certain hobbit: "It is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life."

A bit of an oddball choice, she also focuses her attention on Les Miserables - Shoujo Cosette, which, for all intents and purposes, is a side story to a rather famous book (and play.) Much to our surprise, it works. And lastly, Melissa also lends an eye to the latest chapter in the Precure saga, namely Yes! Precure5. And again, surprise of surprises, it works and works well.

Rounding off our update is Tim, bringing us two titles. First off is Asatte no Houkou, another slice-of-life drama enriching the genre. And rounding off the update is a short and to the point review written for a short and to the point anime, Magical Chocolate.

And that's all for this update. Enjoy.


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