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May 26 2014, 9:54 AM

The Golden Shower of Love...


Sorry about that. Truth is, the show whose review you can read today isn't really all that bad. It's Golden Time, a bit of a romantic drama, and to undertake this review, I teamed up with Carlos since he also kind of liked this show. We both did... mostly, if not for one thing, so say it with us now:


Thank you. See you next week. (Hopefully.)

-Stig Høgset.

May 22 2014, 12:53 AM

The Pilot's Botched Landing

Yep, the update's late, which, in part, is my bad.

But also, none of the reviewers involved in today's three-way collaboration really liked the show in question. No, not one bit.

Read on to find out why Stig, Tim, and I had absolutely ZERO love for The Pilot's Love Song, one of Winter 2014's more hyped-up shows. Regarding flight-related anime, it's safe to say that this stands no chance in hell of unseating Porco Rosso as my favorite aerial adventure. Never EVER.

Whew...had to get that out of my system. Let's hope that next week's picks are better, for all our sakes. Stay tuned.


May 12 2014, 10:00 AM

"Sky above, water within...."

Tim takes about 30 minutes out of his life and gives them to Hoshizora Kiseki, a short and relatively sweet piece about two characters who... fall in love? Possibly?

Relationships are also the main focus of my pick of the week, Nagi no Asukara, but because it's got a much larger cast and additional problems on its plate, it's not over quite as fast.

But... you know, at least we're talking about two enjoyable shows this time around. Next week? Well... it ain't gonna be pleasant. Not at all.

-Stig Høgset.

May 5 2014, 4:56 AM

The Cute and The Ugly

Both of today's anime have cute girls, but one has a much uglier side to it, both physically and the series itself.

First up is Carlos with the somewhat controversial Sakura Trick, an adaption of a manga about really cute girls who also happen to like kissing each other. (Mainly the main couple.) Click on the name to see what he thinks.

Then we have Nick with the much more controversial Pupa, an anime adaption of a cute girl turned monster. Widely considered the worst show of winter 2014, and gruesome to boot, this short series deserved any bit of bile it got according to him.

Stay tuned next week, when I take to the stars maybe. See you then.

- Tim Jones

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