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May 30 2016, 4:25 AM

The Mysteries of Allen's Most Pleasing Cases Returns a Bit Worse For Wear.

But just a bit. Allen takes on The Case Files Of Young Kindaichi Returns Season Two in which he's mildly disappointed with the show compared to the first season. I guess that's just how it goes sometimes.

Well, that's our lot this week. See you again next time.

-Stig Høgset.

May 23 2016, 3:15 PM

"Once upon a dime a dozen...." serves one well to stand apart. The lady of snow may have been chosen, yet not for her tenacious heart.

Nico's choice for you is definitely one where being eye-catching in a manner isn't necessarily good, though she enjoyed Snow White with the Red Hair a lot anyway, partially because of this and partially because of the other things it does well... with some caveats, mainly to do with pacing (I think.) Still, good show.

It's always nice to have something good to present for our regular update. Next week... is still a bit up in the air, but hopefully we'll have something at least equally nice for you all. See you then.

-Stig Høgset.

May 16 2016, 5:38 PM

Wheel of Morality, turn turn turn. Tell us the lesson that we should make go away by bribing someone with lots of money so nobody will ever question us again.

This week, Nicoletta has chosen to delve into an old classic by one of the godfathers of manga; namely Ozamu Tezuka's Young Black Jack.

Well... it's sort of a recent show based on his work. Either way, she finds the moral of the show to be kind of one sided. But it's enjoyable. Mostly.

Anyway, enjoy. And we'll see you again next week.

-Stig Høgset.

May 9 2016, 3:00 PM

Do You Know The Candy Man?

Hanabi seems to want to go for the "it takes one to know one" by association, and that's the load of fun Nicoletta is... ambivalent, but generally entertained by... today. Its name is Dagashi Kashi, and you do not want to say that name five times while looking at yourself in a mirror. I... might have gotten two franchises mixed up here.

But hey, it's a little something for you this week. Nicoletta will return next week, still perched atop that fence. Stay with us.

-Stig Høgset.

May 2 2016, 5:33 PM

Dance Like a Butlerfly, Sting Like a Marshmallow.

This week, Allen takes on a show whose review is probably long overdue. That's most likely the reason why he combined his opinion of all three seasons of Hayate the Combat Butler into one review. That's a full 89 episodes of crazy butlery and Allen enjoyed every second of it. Or at least close to that.

My contribution this week is Ojisan and Marshmallow, a show about a somewhat overweight man who really loves marshmallows and the office lady whose advances he seems somewhat oblivious to. And it's fun too, believe it or not.

And that's it for this week. See you again next week.

-Stig Høgset.

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