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June 29 2010, 12:37 AM

I'm Not The Man They Think I Am At All, Oh No No No No, I'm a RUBBER MAN!

It's only half true that I haven't updated in awhile because I've been busy with school and work. But there was something else consuming my free time: One Piece. Some 450 episodes later, I'm in love with the series, and have uploaded a part review, part love letter to the anime that has consumed so much of my time lately.

Next week Tim is back with a series and a verdict that should sound very familiar.

Keep Sailin',


June 21 2010, 11:28 PM

Can you keep a secret? Again?

The answer, in the case of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Purezza, is no.

That's it for me this week. Next week I hand things over to Bradley, who will set sail with his review of One Piece. See you later!

- Tim Jones

June 14 2010, 9:57 PM

Schoooool's out for summmmmer!

Ah, summer time. Well, unless you live in Philadelphia, where you witnessed the biggest blizzard in the city's history. Then you're probably still in school for a little while.

Anyway, Stig and I present Hanamaru Kindergarten for review today, a cute little school series that aired at the beginning of this year.

Next Monday I return with the sequel series to an anime I reviewed a year back, and then Bradley will sail the high seas with a brand new review of a long-coming favorite. See you all later!

- Tim Jones

June 7 2010, 6:00 PM

I've heard of product placement, but this is ridiculous.

So, yeah... one of the requests on my special request project was for an old, fairly unknown OAV called The Humanoid. It's an odd little OAV to be sure, mostly because the cast almost spend more time working in coffee-related lines in their dialogue than not. Oh, and there's a robot in there too.

Next week, we've got yet another collaboration between me and Tim. We're both scrambling to get it ready as I speak, so look forward to it. And, as always, thanks for reading.

- Stig Høgset.

June 1 2010, 4:58 PM

Taking another break?

Bradley's supposed to have up his One Piece review this week, but he seems to be MIA for the moment. If he doesn't post it, then we'll wait until next week to put up a new review. Stay tuned for that and Hanamaru Kindergarten as we enter the upcoming summer.

Also, congratulations to anyone who just graduated high school!

- Tim Jones


Much like Valve Time, Bradley Time operates in its own, strange way where "Monday" sometimes means "Wha? I was supposed to update four days ago? Blimey!" After a hectic spring semester I've been doing as little as possible before a busy summer semester hits next week. And by "as little as possible," I mean, "watch an insane amount of One Piece." Really. Over the last two weeks I have burned through about 200 episodes, and am only twenty episodes short of catching up. At this point, I figure I may as well catch up before writing the review.

But no worries. I'll have some content for you to read later today or tomorrow. Somewhere on my hard drive is an unfinished review of Yoshiro's Time of Eve, which you can watch right now before the review goes up.

Until then,



It's Friday afternoon and a fruitless search of my hard drive makes me think I foolishly deleted that old draft. What a daft thing to do, and I apologize for not giving you any new content this week. It's completely my fault. But you want to know what's even more daft? Spending a lovely Friday evening like this one at home.

So do what I'm going to do: go out, meet some folks, have a good time.

See you in a couple of weeks,


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