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July 12 2004, 2:00 PM

Your Tan Spreads, and Your Moxie Deepens

Enjoying your summer? Good, I'm glad somebody is. It's frickin' hot here. Nunavut sounds like an awesome vacation locale right now.

Anyway, first off is a review from Stig for the first season of SHINKON GATTAI GODANNAR, which gets average marks.

Stig also reviews the hentai title, NEW ANGEL, which gets slammed for being largely unsympathetic and stupid, not to mention a likely source for at least one of the gags in the webcomic "Sexy Losers".

It's a bad week for angels, too, as Samuel takes on the first half of BURST ANGEL (BAKURETSU TENSHI) and decides to bail out on it, giving it a thorough slapping for shallow characters. Like ZAION, it commits the dire sin of being a substandard Gonzo show -- c'mon guys, you're better than this!

That's all for today, but there will be more to come later.

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