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July 26 2016, 1:57 AM

Monday of the Living Dead

Quick update for you today! Allen takes on a rather-overlooked show from earlier this year (it only streamed on Netflix and falls pretty squarely into the "art films" category), and he's interested in the concept but not thrilled with the story itself. Still, he gives Ajin, or at least the first season of the TV series, a cautious recommendation, even if it *is* rather misanthropic and gory.

So: we meant to have the answers to the questions you sent in, today.

We don't. We hope to have them *next* week at the latest. Accccck...sorry!

Here's a GIF of Aisaka Taiga looking apologetic.....that's more or less my facial expression now ^^;

Back next week, hopefully with more anime to review, and definitely with the question answers. Stay tuned!

-Nicoletta Christina Browne

July 19 2016, 2:57 AM

Better Late than the BEARer of Bad Tidings?

I came close to getting this posted on time, but then we had a short server snafu...and it looks like Nicoletta is posting this post-midnight! Woops. ^__^

Anyway, I wish I had nicer stuff to talk about today! I saw Flying Witch too and I agree with Stig: that was a real treat, and hard act to follow! This week, Allen takes on a supplementary OAV for the Higurashi series, and he does have some fun with it.......but he says STAY AWAY from the first episode, which doesn't have much in the way of good writing but does have a *lot* in the way of stupid fanservice comedy. I mean.....the comedy never *was* why anybody wanted to watch that show.

And it gets worse from there: I took on this season's Kuma Miko, and boy was this a big dud. This is the first time I've given a one-star review in quite a while....don't let the art fool you, this is *not* a sweet and adorable show. Really.

Let's....hope for better stuff next time. ^^;

Also thanks to all who wrote in questions! We'll be back with our answers soon!

-Nicoletta Christina Browne

July 17 2016, 1:03 AM

Last day to send questions.

Today is the final day we will be accepting questions for our upcoming THEM Anime Staff Q&A. If you still want to submit questions, e-mail any of us below:

Stig Høgset -
Tim Jones -
Nicoletta Christina Browne -
Allen Moody -
Carlos D. Ross -

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

UPDATE: Questions are now closed. Thanks to those who sent us questions!

- Tim Jones

July 12 2016, 7:31 AM

Revenge of the Flying Funkadelics.

So yeah, I'm a day late. Sorry about that. Summer vacation makes it quite easy to lose track of which day it is.

Anyway, Allen has not had a good time with his choice of the week. He watched Terraformars Revenge, a show that left him with a surplus of "WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?! WHAT?! WHATWHATWHATWHAT?!?!" all over the floor. Also, he asks you to wait for the post-credit sequence. Or not. Maybe he's asking you to just forget this thing ever existed. Yeah, that's probably it.

I feel so bad too, because I had the opportunity to watch Flying Witch instead, and what an amazing experience that has been. For the discerning slice-of-life fan with magical healing overtones, I'd put this show straight up there alongside Aria.

Well, that's our lot for this week. One must-see and one must-not. See you again next week.

-Stig Høgset.

July 4 2016, 9:52 AM

The Big Baka Biker Border Order.

Well, maybe the two aren't so easily combined at all. Allen's pick of the week is a little something called Big Order. I don't know if it starts with a big bang, but the world is destroyed either way. And not in a fun manner, according to Allen, who wonders why the world needs a post-apocalyptic tsundere comedy love story with rape-y undertones.

And to think I'm the lucky one in this update, as the show I undertook is a little something called Bakuon!! In this show, you got high school girls, you got motorbikes and you've got people who are kind of terrible, but only occasionally, and not quite as terrible as the ones in Big Order, go fig. The kids can be terrible, the adults can be terrible -- heck, even the motorcycles can be kind of awful when you get down to it. Good thing this show has God on a motorbike to set people straight from time to time.

Next week, the divide is going to get even bigger. Poor Allen. But yay me, because I've got a real gem for you when that time comes; honestly, one of the most enjoyable shows I have had the pleasure of watching in a long, looong time. Can you all guess which show that would be? Well, you'll see.

- Stig Høgset.

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