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July 25 2022, 6:19 PM

The Good, The Bad and the Walrus.

So yeah, me and Tim had a look at ODDTAXI -- which, yes, is written in all-caps -- and found that it is indeed a bit odd, but mostly, it's pretty good. Yeah, it's a very well thought-out story with that art style, and yes, there is even a reason for that. Wouldn't dream of spoiling that for you. Go right ahead and read the review... or even better, watch the show.

And that's that. Next week, I spy with my little eye a chance for some family time. See you all then.

Also, sorry for being a bit on the late side with this, because jeez, vacation.... it makes you lose track of time, man.

-Stig Høgset.

July 18 2022, 11:35 PM

Love Can Wait

And so can belated review schedules.

This week we have Allen talking about last spring's anime Love After World Domination, a show he felt was crazy, but not crazy enough to win him over. Them's the breaks.

Speaking of breaks, next week Stig and I will be given you a review of one one last year's most talked about anime, ODDTAXI. Or you can read the review right now on the forum by logging onto it. Your choice.

Stig will be back on patrol next week.

- Tim

July 11 2022, 11:06 PM

It's Monday still somewhere

Howdy, y'all. Sorry I'm late if you're on EST, but here is my less-than-happy second opinion on Princess Connect! Re:Dive season 2, a show I liked alright until the final third. After that, hoo boy.

Next Monday we'll have another review of a recently finished spring 2022 anime from Allen. And then after that will be a taxi delivery. But I'm getting ahead of myself.


- Tim

July 4 2022, 2:54 AM

Clothes Makes the Player.

So, this week, Tim takes a look at My Dress-up Darling, and it would have been fantastic.... if not for those pet peeves, man. Still, it's a great show despite the little hurdles, so step right up.

Next week is gonna be second opinion week. I'm also going to be off on vacation, so Tim'll handle the next two updates in my place. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

Addendum (July 8th): This review showed up as a one star until now because I forgot to set the actual star rating when I uploaded the review. (It's one star by default because that's the top option on the slidedown menu.) If that caused some actual confusion, particularly in light of Tim's rating comment, I apologize. - Stig.

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