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August 30 2004, 3:00 PM

Happy Monday!

Only one review for the time being, and Adults Only at that, as Stig attempts to continue the Pink Pineapple "Darkness" series with MISSION OF DARKNESS, which, predictably, gets a low star rating, because tentacle porn is generally not a genre prone to professionalism or scintillating storytelling. How many cautionary tales do anime fans need anyway? Apparently, there still aren't enough ...

August 25 2004, 3:00 PM

(Almost) Live from the Lattie Coor Computing Commons

Hey folks, it's an update!

Updates will be moving to mid-afternoon Mountain Standard Time, as Carlos will be working on these between classes.

First off, an Adults Only review from Hannah for the abominably crappy ALIEN FROM THE DARKNESS, notable in that the smartest character in the whole show ... is a ferret.

Another Adults Only review, much more positive though, from Stig. This time, it's MOONLIGHT LADY, the Western release of the PC game-based KAO NO NAI TSUKI.

Back on the General Audiences side of things, Stig also takes on CAPTAIN HERLOCK HARLOCK: ENDLESS ODYSSEY, in which THEM errs on the side of consistency and sticks this in with the (still-not-yet-written) CAPTAIN HARLOCK review area. (This, by the way, is why you won't find any mention of "Rupan III" here.)

Jen gives us an advance look at the as-yet unlicensed shoujo anime AISHITERUZE BABY, which is far, far better than it sounds.

And what's this? A non five-star review for a Ghibli film? Hannah takes on THE CAT RETURNS, and while it still receives strong marks, it doesn't quite hit on all cylinders in her book.

Tim has given his WEDDING PEACH review a complete rewrite, in order to blast it even more effectively than before. He wants you to know how much he truly hates this show. I couldn't agree more.

Now, as if MINI MONI YARU NO DA PYON! wasn't bad enough, they made another Mini Moni anime, MINI MONI THE TV. Only Jen is brave enough to experience the whole thing, and, well, the verdict is a resounding thumbs down. Da pyon.

Lastly, we have a second opinion on NEON GENESIS EVANGELION from Tim that gives it an average rating, praising it for what it attempts, but docking it for not entirely succeeding.

So it's off to the Memorial Union DDR machine for me. Later.

August 4 2004, 1:00 PM

Back to School

The long summer break has meant a lot of THEM staffers on vacation, or otherwise too busy to submit reviews. But we do have an update, so here goes.

First off, Diane slogs through all of YAMI TO BOUSHI TO HON NO TABIBITO (say that five times fast), and thoroughly regrets the entire experience, throwing the book (preferably a heavy one) at it.

Stig is more fortunate, taking on another Matsumoto Leiji series: GALAXY RAILWAYS. A definite thumbs-up and Leiji-fan Seal of Approval this time.

Jeremy, our erstwhile Korean correspondent, has been recalled to THEM HQ, and has submitted several reviews. First is a positive review on the philosophical KINO'S JOURNEY. No, Arizona residents, nothing to do with Fray Kino. Second is another positive review for the psychological drama YUGO THE NEGOTIATOR. And, no, not *that* Yugo.

Finally, a second opinion on NEON GENESIS EVANGELION from Tim highlights the love-it-or-hate-it nature of this work. He gives it an average rating, due partially to the substandard dub.

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