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AKA: ピッコマンの鬼畜道 ~真夜中のみるくパーティー~, Pikkoman no Kichikumichi ~Mayonaka no Milk Party~
Genre: Hentai
Length: OAV, 30 minutes
Distributor: R1 DVD from Kitty Media
Content Rating: AO (explicit sex, rape)
Related Series: N/A
Also Recommended: End of Summer, A Tail of Two Sisters, Wet Summer Nights
Notes: This is shipped in Kitty's Pleasure Pack #1 with the much better OAV A Tail of Two Sisters.

Midnight Milk Party


Akiho graduated from "college" four months ago, only to get roped into doing a nude photo shoot as an "adventure" that turned into all-out hardcore pornography.

To escape this, she gets a job at the local family restaurant. Unfortunately, her manager soon finds out about Akiho's forays into adult work and decides to take advantage of her himself. Even worse, he invites his buddies along!


"From now on, you're my bitch."

Clearly, with a name like Midnight Milk Party, nothing good could have possibly come out of this. However, I was actually expecting something along the lines of, say, lactation fetish, which would've been horrifying and gross (ie Vanilla Series: Milk Money), but possibly less offensive than the relentless rape scenes we get instead.

Over the course of this mercifully short OAV, Akiho is nailed by four guys, and none of those scenes are consensual. In fact, the only remotely consensual sex scene in this film is imagined by Akiho, when her original videographer / rapist accosts another "college" student. In addition, a brief molestation by her female coworker, Megumi, is pretty much either thrown away or perhaps left a hint at a planned, but not filmed second episode.

Technically, Midnight Milk Party isn't quite the bottom of the barrel, but it's close. The character design is solidly generic 90s fare, somewhere between Slayers and Evangelion but with none of the innovation or distinctiveness. The music is hentai-standard Casio synthesizer, though the opening almost sounds like it was ripped from an episode of Ranma 1/2. The sex scenes themselves are boring, unimaginative, and repetitive; I'm pretty sure there's about four to five minutes of repeated footage in this video, which is nigh-inexcusable for a one-shot.

Worst of all is the "character" development, where Akiho's inner thoughts are relegated to sudden text on the screen, punctuated by orchestra hits. "This was my past", "this was my present", "why do I deserve this?" et cetera. This has the effect of interrupting boring, unimaginative, and repetitive rape with boring, unimaginative, and repetitive text. And orchestra hits! Yippee, I guess.

Even better, thanks to abysmal dialogue, Akiho's actual personality is presented as somewhere between bimbo and brain-dead, which makes sympathizing with her really really hard. This might indeed be the point of this horrible, sordid little OAV. Even as stupid as she is, though, I'm not sure she really deserves to be relegated to being a vaguely bewildered cum-dumpster.

I guess someone who likes power trips might get off on this, but otherwise, there is absolutely nothing here worth watching, much less spending money on.

Call me lactose intolerant: I'm having none of this party.Carlos/Giancarla Ross

Recommended Audience: ADULTS ONLY, due to explicit sex scenes and rape. There's just no candy-coating this one.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD
Review Status: Full (1/1)
Midnight Milk Party © 1999 Katsupiko Fuji / Shinyusha / Akatombo
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