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AKA: Macross 7 Dynamite
Genre: Musical science-fiction
Length: OAV, 4 episodes, 30 minutes each
Distributor: Currently unlicensed in North America (barring an unforeseen lapse of attention by some woebegone distributor)
Content Rating: PG-13 (violence, adult themes, brief nudity)
Related Series: Macross, Macross 7
Also Recommended: Macross 7 (not really a recommendation, so much as a prerequisite)
Notes: This is a sequel to Macross 7, which in turn is a sequel to Macross. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Macross Dynamite 7


Basara Nekki and the crew end up on some remote planet, where he meets a teenage Zentraedi groupie, who is the daughter of a space whaler. Naturally, she thinks killing space whales is wrong, so Basara (after a bit of frolicking with his not-really-of-age groupie) goes off and wails, "I want to sing with the whale!" and other really insipid lyrics while chasing the space version of Moby Dick.


As if Macross 7 wasn't stupid enough, the writers of the series added an OAV sequel about space whaling.

What in the world were they thinking?

Macross Dynamite 7 features what has to be the stupidest plotline of any Macross series. (Ooh, chasing the space whales! What IS it with anime and space whales?!?) Mind you, even the original series had definite cheese factor (the Minmay attack, yada yada) but this is beyond cheesy. No word exists in either the Japanese or English languages that can sufficiently convey the utter brainlessness of this anime. After watching even part of this, I found myself frankly embarrassed to be an anime fan. And that from a guy who liked Debutante Detective Corps and Iczelion!

At least the animation is a step up from the TV series (what -wouldn't- be?!?) but the higher per-episode budget is ruined by moronic characters, awful writing, a stupid, stupid plotline, and just about everything else. Yeah, the music's okay to listen to, but I would advise you not to read the subtitles on this one. (Or, if you know enough Japanese, leave the room for a while and have a couple of sticks of Pocky.)

"Whale! Save the whale! I want to save the WHAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!"

As Basara and the band interact with the whale, there is one scene (spoiler!) in which there's a cliffhanger - Basara is knocked out into space and there's a chance he might get killed! If only we were so lucky ... nope, Basara manages to survive and save the day for his groupie, while Mylene kinda just sits there and stews. (Did I mention I despise Nekki Basara?)

Oh, yeah, if you wanted to see any of the original cast of Macross - forget it. They're not here, either. (No surprise there - they're too classy for this dreck.)

Again, this is probably the WORST thing to happen to Macross since, well, Macross 7. It's mind-numbing, annoying, embarrassing, and a waste of videotape. Actually, a more apt usage of a videotape with this on it would be to cut it into shreds and feed it to your neighborhood goat. Or pull the tape just slightly out of the cartridge and presto! Instant cat toy! At least it would be more amusing that way.

I guess if you're a fan of Macross 7, this show would be fine. But I just don't think turning off your brain for that long of a time is really that healthy.

Same rating as the TV series, but even worse. I guess you could call that quite an accomplishmentCarlos/Giancarla Ross

Recommended Audience: I certainly don't think it's appropriate - ohh, you mean content advisories! Well, there's some violence, brief nudity (Basara and that underage Zentraedi girl frolicking quite unclothed in a spring), and innuendoes. Too mature in content for the children who would best be entertained by this series' plotline. Blaaah.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Partial (1/4)
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