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AKA: おくさまが生徒会長!+! (Okusama ga Seitokaichō! +!)
Genre: Comedy, rom-com, erotica.
Length: Television series, 12 episodes, 8 minutes each
Distributor: Currently available streaming on crunchyroll.
Content Rating: R (Semi-nudity, numerous sexual situations, mature situations.)
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Notes: Based on the manga by Yumi Nakata, serialized in Ichijinsha's shōnen manga.

My Wife is the Student Council President season 2


Izumi continues to live with and deal with the attention of Ui, the titular student council president, who's also living with him. It's clear enough that she wants more attention from him than he's currently giving, and to make matters even more complicated, it's also clear that the moral committee president Rin is gaining an interest in the guy as well.


One year ago (plus a couple of months), I had a look at a show that managed to weird me out in a rather unexpected way. It was a terrible comedy, all things considered, and its setup was sort of a "set up two people together" cliché that turned out to be surprisingly open and frank on sexual topics and scenes without shaming them. It was all in all a rather sensible show, despite its typical setup, and upon the news of a second season, I even started looking forward to it.

To get the bad news out of the way first, My Wife is the Student Council President still has its terrible sense of humor. It's still a collage of the dumbest ecchi jokes, from accidental fondling to relentlessly blaming the lead for things that are out of his control -- you know, jokes that has been run so far underground, you could ask it to "tell the dead horse I said 'hi'". The show is male-gaze-ish about things that has no business being so, which sort of cheapens the times when it's being more honest and upfront about it. And then it goes ahead and proves that you don't have to be male to put yourself into a situation and stumbles unrealistically long distances purely to create accidental sexual comedy. Which is not to say that the show isn't funny at all; the visual gags are still good for a laugh, in particular the outpouring of chicks from Ui's head, or the weird phallic demons sprouting from Izumi's head from time to time. And the realisation of Rin moving in with her sister, who live right next to Izumi and Ui, is immediately followed by the weather changing from sunny and nice to... well, see for yourselves.

It even puts its own sensibilities under duress by introducing us to Saijou Honoka, the school's photograph club president... who runs a website where she sells candid pictures of the girls, taken in secret. (Which just HAS to be all kinds of illegal.) She openly blackmails Izumo and Rin when it seems like she's about to answer for her crimes, and while her character does soften up a bit, her actions during her introduction kind of made that a case of "too little too late". Izumi also seems to verbally reinforce the whole "men will sexually assault a woman if they get those urges" that I thought was just in Rin's head, which is just a terrible attitude to have, especially in a show that otherwise seems to treat the topic with a liberal mind. Towards both genders, even.

The plot isn't necessarily terrible -- Ui comes to live with Izumi, which, while clichéd by itself, gives the show the location and the chance to give our two leads some privacy. (Which they gladly take advantage of from time to time -- the best parts of the first season.) Unfortunately, Rin has now caught wind of the relationship, and, due to her own growing attraction to Izumi, starts picking fights with Ui out of jealousy, thinly veiled behind her role as the Disciplinary Committee president. Somewhat disheartingly, the more girls get involved in this stupidity, the more time gets devoted to these dumb harem jokes instead of the more quiet, private moments which is this show's most positive qualities.

Like in the first episode, where Izumi sort of turns down Ui's advances, and Ui, in her dejectedness, starts sniffing Izumi's shirt and masturbating to the scent. They stand in stark contrast to one of the following episodes, where Rin allows Izumi to fondle her breasts to relieve his sexual urges so that "he won't attack someone else". That contrast both reinforces and brings down the general sex-positive angle the first season had, and it's honestly a bit disappointing. Though you can excuse it for being the opinion of two people who don't understand and instead subscribe to the damaging notion that "men just can't help themselves", because the show isn't shaming the characters so much that the characters are sort of indirectly shaming themselves. I'm honestly unsure of what stance this show is taking when it's doing this, though I can at least still give it the benefit of the doubt. I hope.

Izumi is also rather dense in the name of comedy. Rin is clearly interested in him, but of course he doesn't realize this because that's what harem leads do. (Well... don't.) It's at least mildly comforting that Ui is quick on the uptake, at least on that front, and while it is tiresome to have to endure Rin's rambles once she gets started, she is also evolving to be more understanding on the subject of relationships and all the nice bonuses that come with it. (No pun intended.) Izumi, on the other hand, continues to be a bit of a jerk. Some of his sarcasm might be warranted to a certain degree, but he's often rude and dismissive towards Ui when she's coming on to him. It's fine if he doesn't want to... except he does, and he's treating that like something he needs to be ashamed of.

The second season of My Wife is the Student Council President also gives Ui's flunkies the time to shine too, though that term might be a bit generous for what they did. While the episode with Ayane Niikura went off mostly fine, seeing as she's a bit of a space case, the ones with tiny tsundere flunkie Karen Fujisaki was most tsundere jokes rolled into one, thus not being very fun. The idea with the latter was supposedly for us to see her cute side, but that only works if one finds her kind cute at all.

When you sum all of this up, the second season of My Wife is the Student Council President is... mildly inferior compared to the first. It has its moments, to be sure, but there are less of them now. And more egregiously, there are less of them solely so they could make room for dumb gags instead. That is not what I call progress.

I did consider still granting it three stars, but the lack of focus on the important parts drags it down some. Sorry, everyone; I really wanted to like this season as much as the first one, but....Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: The show is as blunt as ever with its sexual content, which puts it squarely out of reach of kids and most teenagers. It's also still pretty frank, which is a good thing for the people who are old enough to watch it.

Version(s) Viewed: Digital stream on Crunchyroll, Japanese with English subs.
Review Status: Full (12/12)
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