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[Tsugumomo Season 2 OVA]
AKA: つぐもも
Genre: Fanservice Comedy
Length: OAV, 24 minutes
Distributor: Currently licensed by FUNimation, available streaming on Crunchyroll.
Content Rating: 17+ (Fanservice, mature situations.)
Related Series: Tsugumomo (series), Seasons One and Two
Also Recommended: B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time
Notes: Based on manga by Yoshikazu Hamada, published by Futabasha

Copyright: 2020 Zero-G

Tsugumomo Season 2 OVA


Six short segments of Extreme Fanservice


A while back, I reviewed a show called Seven of Seven, which was an innocuous, generally kid-friendly show until Episode 26, when it was suddenly NOT. I said that the show's creators apparently couldn't stand BEING innocuous and kid-friendly any more, and went berserk.

Now, Tsugumomo BEING Tsugumomo, a truly fanservice-free season was absolutely impossible, so there is plenty of fanservice in Season 2, so the analogy is not perfect; but Season Two had more actual plot than Season One, and I guess that displaced SOME of the fanservice that would normally be there; and that displaced fanservice apparently just festered, and the boil that formed erupted in the pure pustulence of fanservice that is this Season Two "OVA". (Really, this is just Episode 13 of Season 2.)

The Season Two "OVA" is also another opportunity to explore the nebulous boundary between "mainstream" anime and outright hentai. Exactly where is the dividing line? This one offers some clues.

The first segment shows that tsukumogami Kiriha's relationship to our hero Kazuya Kagami is very much that of a dominatrix to her sub; Kiriha even has Kazuya dressing her naked body in the morning, and then physically molests him if he gets aroused doing it. I guess IF the physical molestation isn't graphic, and IF certain procedures and apparatus sometimes employed for this purpose do NOT appear, it's mainstream; otherwise hentai. Elsewhere we'll see that Sunao (I always thought her both unnecessary AND annoying) and HER tsukumogami Kotetsu have a similar dominatrix-slave relationship, except that in THAT case it's the HUMAN who's the Master. (Kiriha, I always thought, was astonishingly domineering for a piece of cloth; back in the series we saw that even Kazuya's dad was intimidated by her.)

This is followed by a segment where the statuesque Kukuyou, priestess of the diminutive Kukuri, expresses her gratitude toward Kazuya by explicitly offering him a sexual service that she is uniquely qualified to administer. Again, we're allowed to infer that SOMETHING happened, but a hentai label is avoided by not making the execution TOO explicit.

In another segment, Kiriha and Kukuri are trying to help a Kazuya too weak to stand go to the bathroom. The obvious solution- take his pants down, plop his butt on the toilet, and hope for the best- seems to elude these supernatural imbeciles, who seem to feel that genital manipulation and/or humiliation MUST be somehow required.

Finally, Kiriha and the gang get curious about what kind of hentai manga Kazuya might like, so they measure his arousal (yes, the "indicator" is exactly what you'd expect) while reading excerpts from various ones to him. Somewhere in the regular series they did something similar, in that case going into his dreams to find out what kind of girl he desired. The punch line in that case was much funnier than the one here. (It's also kind of strange to see a couple of our cast here at all, since in Second Season one of them was presumably killed, and another was trapped in a time warp.)

If you're looking for "sexy time" comedy (as Mr. Borat might phrase it), there are better ones; one of them is the Rec for this show. I'm still a little murky about why seeing Kazuya get molested by a bunch of lunatic supernatural women is the height of comedy. And this OVA has nothing BUT that.Allen Moody

Recommended Audience: Graphic nudity (except the pubic region); explicit mention of sex acts, and suggestions of the performance of some of them. Right Stuf suggested 17+ for Season One; that actually seems appropriate for this OVA.

Version(s) Viewed: Crunchyroll video stream
Review Status: Full (1/1)
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