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AKA: Madonna - Honoo no Teacher, Blazing Teacher Madonna
Genre: Sports
Length: OAV series, 2 episodes, 50 minutes each
Distributor: R1 DVD from Media Blasters / Anime Works
Content Rating: 16+ (strong sexual situations, nudity, violence)
Related Series: N/A
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Domon Mako is a new teacher assigned to teach a class at Gyunabe High School, an all-boys school with juvenile delinquents led by Oobayashi. Ha! And Mako thought it was awful enough when the students' prime objective was to get into Mako's pants. What's worse is that the principal has decided to make Mako the advisor for the rugby team. What's next, right?


Lesson learned: Sporadically buying unheard of anime can result in a complete waste of your time and money!

Yes, this is what Madonna taught me. Think The Mighty Ducks meets Beavis and Butthead. That's what Madonna is.

Madonna has some of the worst character designs and character development of almost any title I have ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if Oobayashi (or however you spell his name) got smashed in the face with a frying pan one too many times.

Even worse, it seems that every male character (not just high school students) has one thing in common. They are all horny perverts. I swear, it's as if they've never seen a woman except for their mothers! Hell, Mako walks in the room for the first time and what does she see? The whole class has dropped their pants and decided to show Mako their *ahem*...never mind. There are at least two instances where the students find some way to look at her panties, and even placing bets on what color her panties are!

There is almost nothing to make these characters stand out. Some characters had some great potential to be developed. Daigo would have been a good addition if he were made one of the main foci in the OAV series. Instead, Daigo and friends attempt to rape Mako after she saves him from what could have been the beating of his life. Of course, Daigo's character development would have been cliched (JD turns into angelic goody-goody), but that description of Daigo would still be better than any of the other high school losers by a long shot.

And beatings seem to come naturally to this class of losers, as other high schoolers make certain that they walk into Gyunabe High School just to give each one of these losers an All-Japanese ass kicking (no wonder why each character looks like a deformed biker punk!). Saying that this was 'made in the 80s' is no excuse for half-assed animation and putrid character designs. Give me a circle of paper and a pink marker and I can draw up a better character design for Oobayashi!! Rugby games are in slow motion due to repeated frames and numerous stills that suck out any action that was intended. Music can't even save Madonna, as all of it is 80s leftover music!!

The plot is about as thin as they come. Predictable is the word that comes to mind here. This show attempts to take itself seriously, but fails at that. The "comedy" is mainly composed of embarrassing Mako and getting a good look at her panties, so half-hearted comedy fails to compensate for a weak and barely coherent plot. Madonna would have been more enjoyable if it had gone in the all-out hentai direction, for it would probably describe the characters in more detail. Instead, sexual situations fall flat and go absolutely nowhere, leaving these poor, horny losers sexually deprived (awwww!!!!).

It was definitely a wise decision for Media Blasters not to waste money creating a dub for Madonna, but at least they could have provided correct spelling for their translations. Yes, I found two instances in which words were spelled wrong, and these guys do this for a living, ouch! Not only that, they leave plenty of on-screen kanji untranslated as well (not that it would matter anyway).

I see absolutely no reason to see Madonna or god forbid, buy it!! Learn from my mistakes! Do a little research before you buy something. Don't be like me...

Robert Nelson

Recommended Audience: The box says 13+, but I have to disagree here. Attempted rape, spots of nudity, and fan service keep this for older teens and up. Violence is nothing that serious; mostly fist fights (not like you should watch this to begin with).

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD, Japanese language with English subtitles
Review Status: Full (2/2)
Madonna © 1988 Studio Junio / Toei
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