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[R1 DVD box art.]
AKA: Southern Cross (see notes)
Genre: Sci-fi drama
Length: Television series, 24 episodes, 23 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by FUNimation.
Content Rating: 13+ (violence)
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Notes: Based upon the series "Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross" which is not a part of the Macross continuum.

Robotech: The Masters Saga


The story of Robotech continues as Dana Sterling and the rest of the Robotech forces prepares to defend themselves against yet another alien threat, the Robotech Masters.


I must say that I'm rather impressed with the way this one has been edited to make it look like a part of the original Macross series. Given the fact that the art style and animation is very much alike and up to scratch with said original series only helps maintain that view. Well, apart from the fact that mecha designs have been changed a lot, the only remaining factor being that most of the millitary crafts seems to have the ability to change into a humanoid-looking robots, or even some halfway form, like the original Veritech fighters, except this time it's hovertanks.

What comes as a bit of a letdown in this series, though, compared to the first is mostly the characters. Dana Sterling, aside from being the first "white girl with an afro" I've ever seen, isn't much of an interesting character for a main lead. She's not wholly bad, really, but there are still something that grates me about her. The rest of the cast are almost equally forgettable. I have a hard time even now remembering names of some of them, and that is rarely a good sign.

The Robotech masters are a somewhat more interesting factor in this anime, even though they are awfully conceited for a "superior" alien race. They do manage to throw in enough elements for the show to remain interesting, though.

I am glad to report that there's no more Minmei singing here, at least not BY Minmei. The person replacing her as our current musical maestro is Bowie, current pianist (though not a very good one) and jazz musician (even though I can't say I hear much jazz being played). And while his relationship with the alien musician "Musica" *sigh* ... seems a bit tacked on as an afterthought, they do provide a welcome break from a series mostly revolving around the constant battles and the Robotech Masters constant blathering about protoculture. (And here I thought the Zentraedi from the Macross movie "Clash of the Bionoids" were bad in that regard.)

I realize again that I came across as somewhat harsh on this one. It's not like I didn't ENJOY the series. It's a relatively enjoyable show that, again, wasn't really supposed to be a part of the original Macross series. But since they decided to edit it like this, I have to say that compared to the first generation of Robotech, this is somewhat inferior. If you plan to get the whole Robotech deal, you'd do well to include this one too, even if just for completist purposes.

Otherwise, I would check it out before buying.

It's so CLOSE to a four star. If only the supporting cast could have been played out more or something, it would have been.Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Teens. Again we have lots of deaths and exploding craft. But there is still no fan service or nudity, so no complaints there.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD
Review Status: Full (24/24)
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