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[Look at the size of that censorship bar!]
Genre: Post-apocalyptic horror with hentai elements
Length: OAV, 4 episodes, 40-50 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by Media Blasters
Content Rating: NC-17 (violence, death, warfare, sex, rape, metallic tentacles)
Related Series: Urotsukidoji (all series)
Also Recommended: Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend, Urotsukidoji 2: Legend of the Demon Womb
Notes: There is also a fourth OAV saga in this series. Also, for some reason, there is a new series being made. I will, however, not be watching either of those.

This review is based on the edited version. Based on this alone, I see no reason to seek out an unedited version, because this is bad enough.

Urotsukidoji 3: Return of the Overfiend


The destruction of the world at the hands of Nagumo heralds the coming of the real chojin, who was born from the womb of Akemi. Amano receives an order from the Chojin to find and destroy Kyo-O, who herself seeks the Chojin. Munchhausen also seeks Kyo-O, but for completely different reasons.

And in the middle of it all sits Caesar, a man who lives for conquest by day and decadent pleasures at night. His daughter had once been killed protecting a man she loved, but he had her reincarnated as a sex machine. (Fatherly love at its best.)


I told you the worst was yet to come, didn't I? Well, here it is, showing rampant killing sprees, lootings, raping, decadent and perverted orgy shindigs and god knows what else my mind has shut out since I last saw it. Yes, this is the title that keeps on giving.

The problem with this OAV series is mainly that it indulges itself in stuff it doesn't endorse in any way in its predecessors. And while those predecessors aren't the best of shows, they at least have the decency to show any negative actions for what they are. People do excessively bad things, and they go to hell for it. I guess, seeing as this is a horror of the post-acopalyptic variety, this time hell has come to the earth itself. And it shows. Any worries and cares the prequels had are now thrown to the winds. The guests have arrived and it's time to party, horror-hentai style.

If I'm going to say something positive about this title, then that would be that the art and animation are at least up to scratch compared to its predecessors. The art style is a little bit different, but, given the change in settings (not to mention contents), that's no big deal. Also, the dubbing is at the level of the prequels as well.

And then, I get to the characters, and the trip to damnation begins. Aside from Amano and his sisters, no one here is much of a sympathetic crew. In fact, during the four episodes of this show, we are pretty much presented with raping, killing, and looting neatly dressed in a hackneyed action plot. As a side order, we get to share in the exploits of Caesar, probably the least sympathetic one of the lot - perhaps even the least liked anime character I've ever seen. From his past as a Caligulian sect leader of a club filled with "willing rape victims" to his present, as a lump of lard sitting in a floating chair pulling the blood-soaked strings of his little menagerie. And when his daughter is raped and killed by a band of raving maniacs, he rebuilds her as a SEX MACHINE. This, of course, being just another nail in the coffin where I buried any interest I had in his character after he spent the first ten seconds of his screen time slamming it to the ground.

Ok, I lied. There IS a third sympathetic character in this show.


Yes, you heard me right. Of course, that might be because the evil demon being spends most of her time as a baby and, towards the end, as a little girl for about five minutes or so. And, in sharp contrast to its prequels, this OAV series actually managed to end on a somewhat hopeful note, with little Kyo-O and her band riding off into the sunset (on a giant tank). It was an eye-opener to be sure, but it didn't make up for all the crap I had to wade through on the way there.

There is a fourth OAV series belonging to the entire Urotsukidoji phemonena, but this is where I bail out. I haven't seen the fourth part, nor do I plan to. This was quite enough, thank you very much.

Much worse than the two first parts of the saga.Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Adults only, since this is the excessive, albeit edited, version of the world going to hell in a handbasket made by Maeda Toshio's loving hands. With the works.

Version(s) Viewed: UK VHS release (Kiseki), English dub
Review Status: Full (4/4)
Urotsukidoji 3: Return of the Overfiend © 1994 Maeda Toshio / Tohoku Shinsha
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