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Genre: Harem Comedy
Length: Television series, 9 episodes, 15 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by Maiden Japan through Sentai Filmworks
Content Rating: 15+ Fanservice, nudity, tentacle ... er, capture. (Not rape, thank the heavens for that, at least)
Related Series: Cosmopolitan Prayers, Smash Hit
Also Recommended: It's hard to recommend anything within this vein, since harem anime series for losers has never been much of a favorite of mine. It's somewhat like W Wish (except far worse), though I certainly don't recommend THAT show either.
Notes: N/A

Love Love?


After failing to get into a school of some sort, Ooizumi Naoto lands a job filming underage girls for some strange reason that passed me by completely.

Cue the pantsufest.


At the THEM boards, we've recently introduced something we call the "anime synchro session", which basically boils down to THEM members opening AIM chats and starting certain shows simultaneously, with the intent of MST3K'ing it. Usually, this works best with bad shows, like Final Approach, W-Wish, HaruToki, and others.

So I thought Love Love would be a good victim for this endeavor. I was SO wrong.

I lack the words to express my utter and complete amazement over the fact that something like this was created, though heaven knows the two episodes I watched practically URGED me to type up this review in an attempt to give my pain and suffering form. Somewhere in Japan, some guy thought "Hey, it would be cool if there was an anime featuring a large roster of underage girls showing off their panties all the time. Things like that don't need any plot. They just need a dorky male lead to initiate all the zaniness."

I guess there has to be a saying that goes "one man's zaniness is another man's indescribable suffering." I don't really know how to explain the levels of pain in this one, but "zany" wasn't exactly the first word that came to mind.

The thing is, I have no idea what they WANTED to do with this anime, outside of the obvious. The main lead failed to get into his school of choice, but he still attends A school, goes to classes and interacts with every goddamn girl in said learning facility. This is usually initiated by him seeing her panties, or them crashing together because noone apparently has the common sense to look where they're going or running in that particular neck of the country. If the result isn't a panty shot, you can be damn sure they'd go for a breast grab instead. And this sort of thing goes on CONSTANTLY in the duration of both the episodes, and, I assume, all of the following ones! I mean, the loser collides with at LEAST five or six girls in each of the two first episodes. No, seriously.

The fact that all the characters adheres to some stupid "dating game personality standard" doesn't help in the slightest. In fact, each and every character in this show amounts to the dullest, most asinine lot I've ever bore witness to in any anime, and that goes double for the main lead who are supposed to represent what, exactly? As completely amazing as it sounds, this series is not based on any dating game.

Oh, by the way; did I mention that each of the girls are underage? Yep, they're all aged from 17 and down to 11. Which means we are getting panty shots from 11 year old girls. That is wrong on so many levels, the world's best supercomputer would be unable to compile them all without bursting into flames out of self-preservation! And if you saw the show, that would make sense to you too.

But.... hell, what am I supposed to think when the whole show consists of mysterious winds appearing out of nowhere, only to blow girls' skirts up in the air, or the way the main lead seems to collide into another girl every time he runs somewhere, often with a resulting panty shot or breast grab? Girls are jumping down from higher vantage points, landing on the guy's FACE, ferchrissake. There's even a scene where he is forced to hide in a school locker with the 11 year old girl, and as he watches the other girls change, he gets a boner, which she comments on, with the tone and attitude of someone who sure as hell isn't just eleven.

It gets worse. Jesus, does it get worse.

At the end of episode two, the "in the next episode" feature presented us with tentacles. Yes, tentacles. And nudity. And me getting the hell out of there. We may TRY to strive for full reviews at THEM, but there's nothing in this world that will make me sit through the rest of this show. I loathe it with a passion I haven't felt since I watched DearS. In fact, this show is far worse than even the monument of misogyny that bears said name. I wish Love Love to be sent to the deepest layers of hell, where it can burn for an eternity. And the same would go to whichever distributor who has the gall to even THINK about licensing this.

(Rot in hell, Love Love)Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: The only objectionable thing about Love Love -- and what a doozy that is -- would be the rampant fanservice (mainly pantyshots, nudity and sexual innuendo) from UNDERAGE GIRLS.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Partial (2/9)
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