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[I Dream of Mimi box art]
AKA: ぶっとび!! CPU (Buttobi!! CPU), Surprise!! CPU
Genre: Softcore hentai with a smidgen of sci-fi
Length: OAV series, 3 episodes, 23 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed to Ero Anime Store.
Content Rating: NC-17 (sex, implied rape/abuse, adult themes, some violence, nudity)
Related Series: N/A
Also Recommended: Just about any hentai comedy, I guess. I'm rather unfamiliar with hentai, so I don't know any titles. (Editor's suggestions: Hand Maid May, Spaceship Agga Ruter (adult), Video Girl Ai)
Notes: Based on the manga Buttobi!! CPU by Shintani Kaoru (Area 88, Cleopatra DC).

I Dream of Mimi


Akira, upon buying a computer he's been wanting, finds himself, upon opening the package, in possession of a stark naked girl. However, the girl appears to be a bio-type computer, and with her company, Akira explores the net and finds out that a darker side of the online world exists.


Akira is a young man who wants a computer so he can surf the Internet and learn about the world in the safe confines of his room and the cyber world inside his computer. However, when he finds the computer he wanted is sold out at the price he could afford, he shows an insane amount of naivety by buying a box from a bum in the alley behind the store, thinking it to be the computer he wants. And this title shows its fantasy setting when Akira -- upon arriving at home and opening the package -- notices that he's gotten something completely different; a butt nekkid bio-type computer girl. Sounds dumb, right?


This title has actually made me laugh out loud like no other hentai title has ever done. Although I would have to admit that I've not seen many of them. (I tend to avoid the more extreme, meaning any tentacles or whatnot. Not that I expect to find any comedy in those anyway.)

But never mind that. I'm here to tell you how much I enjoyed Buttobi CPU, so let's begin....

First, the art is lovely. Even more if you compare it to the varying quality of the general hentai titles. The characters are rather cartoonishly drawn. Akira looks every bit the nerd he is, although, in a refreshingly original twist for hentai males, he is very reluctant to partake in his trysts with Mimi, much less the other girls. And Mimi is certainly portrayed well, her happy and bouncy (no, not that way) personality shown in great detail. And she is cute... and actually quite clever and mischievous. The rest of the cast comes off rather well too, for the minor roles they play.

I don't know whether they meant the intro theme to be this cheesy, though it certainly fits the intro animation well, and it's hardly annoying either. The rest of the music is neither bad nor particularly good. It's just there to set the mood as best it can, I suppose.

The voice actors for this title are, much to my relief, very good. Mimi in particular comes off well in the English version with a voice that is neither cutesy nor badly played. Kudos to her voice artist for doing a good job playing her role greatly. Akira's voice is perhaps the one that comes off worst. It's not that he's bad. It's just that his VA tends to mumble or squeak from time to time, making it hard to hear what he says.

Now, since this is a hentai title, I wasn't expecting much of a plot. What I got was something quite decent, if not inconsistent at times. It's quite clear to me that the guy writing this knows a fair bit about computers, but little else. For Mimi to read not only his age, name, and blood type, but also the current whereabouts of his parents and siblings through his sperm is a tad farfetched. Also, Mimi tends to shout a lot of computer terminology when she and Akira are...well, going at it. We're also introduced -- through the "villain of the week" syndrome -- to the main baddies, the bio-type computer women known as the "Nacintoshes... or the 'Nacs' (complete with apple symbols)". Yes, the puns fly fast and they fly low. Put on your suspensoriums and brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen. (Well, just the gentlemen, I guess.)

Before ending this review, it would be in its place to address the few minor nagging problems I had on this title. First is the "enemy of the month" syndrome rearing its head in episode two and onwards. However, since this title has only three episodes, it doesn't reach the point where it gets annoying.

The other, and last problem, is that this is all you get. Three episodes, and it doesn't look like there will be any more of it, which is a shame, because the ending of episode three made me definitely want to see how things would progress.

So try it out, I say. Give this lightly sexual comedy a go. It'll be a fun ride.


Ah... no pun intended... please, believe me.... no ... not the mallet!

*runs off*

Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Well, this is a hentai title, so expect sex scenes. Non-explicit sex scenes, but sex scenes nonetheless, which will earn it the 17 and up rating. Mimi requires, or at least wants, a lot of upgrades. Try to guess where her floppy drive is ... But, to be honest, I think the implied rape/abuse scene in the last part of episode one was a jarring eye opener, as well as a bigger reason for the rating. There was also some minor violence, as the bio-type computers aren't stingy when it comes to shooting energy attacks at each other. Some might find the idea of purchasing a woman distasteful, though it isn't as bad as it sounds. I could probably make parallels with Hand Maid May on this. I shouldn't have to remind you that there is nudity here, right?

Version(s) Viewed: DVD, bilingual
Review Status: Full (3/3)
I Dream of Mimi © 1997 Kaoru Shintani / Hakusensha
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