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July 15 2019, 6:18 AM

Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Dokidoki Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give The Dog a Bone.

This would hardly be the first show I've reviewed with a really cumbersome title, but Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu is still kind of a mouthful as titles go. It's an alright show, though, as slice-of-lives go, the only downside being that it has some fierce competition among some of its older peers, many of which I have reviewed for this site. The bar is set quite high in the CGDCT area of animedom.

Well, that's it for now. We're still in a bit of vacation mode, so we'll see what we can come up with next Monday. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

July 9 2019, 1:27 AM

A Civil Servant at Midnight

It's just about midnight here in Cali and I'm almost out of time to do the update that Stig entrusted me with!

Also I suppose I only count as a civil servant if you extent that to include college professors. ^^;

But while Stig's on vacation, it's time for me to bring you Allen's latest review, which is a good-but-not-great occult show.

It's good to be back, and I hope to bring you some more reviews soon!


A reminder, by the way, to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

July 1 2019, 10:57 AM

What Do You Do When Someone Takes The Expression "Go Figure" Literally?

Apparently, you get Allen's pick of the week, Amazing Stranger, though how much of a stranger our main lead is to all the strangeness around him remains to be seen. What might be strange, though, is that Allen found this to be an appealing show for all its otaku-baity personality. Amazing, right?

Well, things might not necessarily turn any less strange next week. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

June 24 2019, 4:14 AM

The Things Are Aliiiiiiiiive....

But if an item becomes alive, are they just items anymore? That's not really a conundrum for Allen's pick of the week, We Rent Tsukumogami, because they can apparently be rented out. I wonder what their thoughts about that might be, but I guess I can always just watch it to find out. And Allen would be fine with that, since he thinks it's a pretty decent show.

Next week, we got something even better for you, which goes to show how well self-awareness works out at times.

-Stig Høgset.

June 17 2019, 9:04 AM

Dragon Girlfriends is the Latest Rage Nowadays, it Seems.

And once again, this is another tentative romance about the relationship between a human girl and a dragon girl. I had the... well, pleasure, mostly... of giving Mysteria Friends a go. It's a mostly pleasant show that has some puzzlingly significant missteps. And in this show, the human is what I guess counts as "the aggressor" in this particular pursuit. The human girl would love to eat that tail, given half a chance.

Well, that's it for this week. Next week, things will get a bit lively in a very literal fashion. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

June 11 2019, 9:13 AM

Late With Nothing To Show For It.

So yeah, I was supposed to have an update ready for you yesterday, but unfortunately, most of the day was swallowed up by life. So... update today.

Or not, because we currently have no reviews ready for upload. And I can't expect Allen to fill in every time either. With summer approaching, there might be more of these breaks happening. As a band-aid, allow me to invite you all to a little ride through Geiranger and up the mountains. It's not anime, but I hope you will enjoy it all the same.

We'll have something for next week, though. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

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