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October 15 2018, 3:56 AM

Welcome to the Hotel Califurnia.

Come for the fox-eared girls, stay for the less than subtle yuri, that seems to be the main program in Konohana Kitan. It's a very nice little show; although I kind of wished the characters were allowed to rise above their simplistic molds, Nico didn't seem to mind, and the episode-to-episode stories were easily the best draw. Either way, we agreed that the show was a sweet little series that should belong in the collection of any fan of quiet, reflective shows.

Next week, Allen will drop by with a show that seems to spread the message that it's what inside that's important. A message to live by for sure. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

October 8 2018, 11:44 AM

How Not to Make a Creepy Fetish Show.

And how do you... well avoid that particular aspect when all the signs points towards said show actually being so? Well, after watching How Not To Summon a Demon Lord in full, I'd say it helps to give the girls some agency as they also flaunt their stuff. This show is almost daring people to hate it, but I found it had the same sense of fun as earlier harem highlights like the one you'll see in the recommendation field. Yeah, this show is fun. Imagine that.

Next week, we'll be heading into more traditional supernatural stuff; fantasy with a heavy twist of mythology and tons of sweetness. We trust you will enjoy that too. See you then.

-Stig Høgset.

October 1 2018, 9:40 AM

"No Man is an Island."

I guess this time it was Allen's turn to deal with something seemingly stupidly metaphysical as he slogged through Island, not really all that pleased with how things played out. It ate his cake, and now it's gone.

At least he keeps the review on a tight leash, which is kinda-sorta the topic of our next week's contribution. Or rather, the thing you fasten a leash too, to be more specific. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

September 24 2018, 8:19 AM

Welcome to the Hinarchy.

Well, I picked an odd one this week. From the synopsis of Hinamatsuri, you'd think you would get something along the lines of Bunny Drop, or maybe Alice and Zoroku with a young guy instead. As it turns out, the latter isn't quite as far from the truth, but this show certainly has a whole brand of comedy for its very own. It's a very fun show... some potential caveats notwithstanding.

Weird seems to be the order of the day for next week too, with Allen bringing in something with the soul of this show, but still wants to be taken seriously. See you in a week.

-Stig Høgset.

September 17 2018, 3:19 AM

Hao Do They Do The Thing That They Do?

Well, obviously I picked the two very worst alternatives for my Haoliners experience, because Allen gave Flavors of Youth, and it's actually pretty decent? So... either the Devil himself is cursing the sudden change of climate or... well, I could have chosen my Haoliners a bit better.

So yeah, that's our lot for this week. See you all next Monday.

-Stig Høgset.

September 10 2018, 9:56 AM

Allen Does What Stig Don't...

..or however that commercial slogan went. Anyway, I remember commenting in my Fox Spirit Matchmakers review that I knew the Chinese animation industry could do better than this, and that they already had. And here comes Allen with Big Fish and Begonia and proves me entirely right; it's a lovely little movie. Well... OAV.

Next week, it's another look at "animation from China" that's also not as awful as my own two contributions so far, so.... hooray for that? And see you all then?

-Stig Høgset.

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