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March 2 2015, 8:42 AM

I Can't Understand Why Hell Hasn't Frozen Over Yet.

So yeah, Tim watched I can't understand what my husband is saying, a story about an otaku husband and his office-worker wife and probably thought something along the lines of "Well... that was actually kind of sweet". And... yeah, it is. It neither mocks, nor glorifies. It simply is, and is also better for it. Having also watched it (as well as collaborated with Tim on many other reviews), I even got to write a closing paragraph. The show also got a sequel, and given the event that happened at the end of this season, I'm quite curious where it plans on going next.

I said so at the guest closing statement too, didn't I? It's true, though.

Next week, I shall try to aspire to get a long overdue review up. That is, if any of the other writers doesn't throw something in there in the between. See you again.

-Stig Høgset.

February 23 2015, 10:44 AM

Case Hosed.

In our single review for the week, Allen takes a look at The Case Files of Young Kindaichi Returns. He's quite pleased with it.

Well, see you again.

-Stig Høgset.

February 16 2015, 8:27 AM

"Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, can you see the future?"

Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, if I call on you, will you spend twelve episodes making me feel (mostly) uncomfortable? Will you confront me with uninvited house guests and stampede me with jokes about bad people?

Allen also wants to know the future. Will it be like in Karen Senki, where the robot overlords have taken over? Will the future be made in three dimensional computer graphics and lots of hi-octane action scene shootouts? Will some things make no damn sense at all, yet be strangely appealing somehow?

Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san. Will we also return next week with more reviews? Will we also see you guys again then? Yes? Well, then....

-Stig Høgset.

February 9 2015, 4:43 PM

Perverts and idiots sitting in a tree...

Nick's review is about the pervert in question, and he is not happy about The Comic Artist and Assistants, mostly because it's a solid hint that someone out there is severely underestimating the patience of even the most benevolent tsundere.

So the creator of the show I reviewed -- or rather, the light novel it's been based on -- must've been thinking "Well, how about if I make MY male lead just a regular idiot instead", and lo and behold, the cumbersomely titled When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace becomes vastly more tolerable because of it. The title is also a total lie, because the characters in it would rather not have to depend on their powers, and the comedy works because it more often than not makes good on that promise.

And that's it for now. Next week, there'll be goofiness and unpleasantness afoot. Look forward to it.

-Stig Høgset.

February 2 2015, 9:35 PM

Mad About Gag Manga

For today's update, I revisit a strangely-titled Bee Train show, which Carlos had partially tackled several years back. I liked it more than he did, though it's still plenty flawed. And remember: "when it comes to mad constipation, there's nothing stronger!"


Up next, Allen takes a look at last year's Gag series, Strange+, which he recommends as fun, mindless entertainment, albeit cautiously.

That's it for this week's venture into three-star entertainment. Having graduated from last week's two-star material, will next week's update continue the upward trend? Stig's case, he at least breaks even, but in my case, no. Very much, absolutely, positively no. I may yet need some Madlax after all.

-Nick Browne

January 26 2015, 2:43 PM

"Will you dance with the UFOranger under a pale moon light?"

Hey, everyone. 'tis Stig and Nick dropping by to give you the latest in two-star entertainment.

Nick: Samurai Flamenco sure has the spirit of a flamenco dancer, at least at first. But then, the dance company changes hands, and apparently the era of the samurai came to an end somewhere in the midst. Read on to find out why this promising show ended up as such a mess.

Stig: Celestial Method, however, could use a bit more spring in its step, because all you get here for far too long is people being angry at each other for poorly defined reasons. Then again, one should not expect more from a show that defies reason and expects a magic, glowing orb in the sky to fix all its problems.

And with that, we bid you farewell for now. See you again next week.

-Nick Browne and Stig Høgset.

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