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THEM Message Board Name: curlyconnor

Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

(temporary stunt bio)

Connor stumbled on THEM in a rather odd way, as he was originally a reader of the Anime Café and found us through the THEM-Anime Café awards. As soon as he found out we posted reader reviews, he began submitting on the forums, and though he was a junior high school student at the time, he quickly gained the tools necessary to become a regular reviewer at the site for a while, until leaving to focus on his college education.

Status: [INACTIVE]

Favorite Anime: anything by Studio Ghibli, most stuff by Gainax, KareKano, FLCL, Excel Saga, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, PataPata Airship Adventure, anything really amazing
Least Favorite Anime: W-Wish, Odin, anything where little girls constantly refer to themselves in the third person
Favorite Genres: Intelligent but engaging science fiction, dystopian, true romance, classic adventure, fantasy epic, comedy of manners or parody
Least Favorite Genres: 99.9999999999% of dating sims, boring or overly technical science fiction, really corny stuff, hentai (can't watch, don't really want to either), gore fests (unless the gore has acceptable context)

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