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Hannah Stanton

THEM Message Board Name: Mistara

Hometown: South Bend, Indiana, USA

Her journey into anime fandom started innocently enough: on a friend's recommendation, she rented Ghost in the Shell at her local video store, and discovered the anime section there. She didn't think of pursuing anime beyond that until high school, when she encountered a listing for "some dragon show" on Cartoon Network.

Surely enough, it was Dragon Ball Z in all its glory (or lack of, depending on your opinion). She decided to look up more information online, and there discovered a plethora of interesting things. For example, for the first time she realized these cartoons she had been watching weren't created by Americans, and that there were lots of them out there.

Eventually she became staff of and where she continued her obsession with Dragon Ball Z.

Then she entered college and began looking at other anime. Planet Namek shut down, and I grew further and further away from the DBToys crowd. She joined several anime clubs, such as Philadelphia Animation Society, Drexel's Anime and Gaming Organization, and the Art Institute of Philadelphia's Otaku Anonymous. She finally had access to lots of anime...and watched a lot of it.

Hannah discovered THEM after she met Carlos via Livejournal's anime community. The message boards proved a good place for fairly intelligent anime discussion, and when she found out they needed some assistance she was eager to do what she could.

She is currently a web design major at a college somewhere in the Eastern United States.

Status: [INACTIVE]

Favorite Anime: Berserk, Whispers of the Heart, Lupin III, Twelve Kingdoms, Slamdunk, Princess Tutu, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Kare Kano, Azumanga Daioh, Irresponsible Captain Tylor, Utena
Least Favorite Anime: Maniax, Raimuiro Senkitan, Popotan, Mouse, I Wanna be an Angel, Judge, Blood the Last Vampire, Anime Fiction, Wandaba Style, Divergence Eve, Fist of the North Star
Favorite Genres: dark fantasy, sports, comedy, drama
Least Favorite Genres: mecha, sentai, fan-service, and anything based off a video game

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