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Jeremy A Beard

THEM Message Board Name: bzial

Hometown: Kelso, Washington, USA

Jeremy discovered THEM originally by seeing posts from Carlos and Christi on the Livejournal anime community. After establishing that they were cool people at the Waffle House Summit, he became even more interested in THEM and their nefarious activities. After lurking around the boards for a bit and reading the reviews, he realized the rest of THEM were quite cool as well. :)

Besides anime, he enjoys spending time with his beloved wife Bethany (also a THEM Boards member) and their daughter Ivy, as well as variety of things such as live-action movies, music, philosophy, theology, chess, go, science, and similar things. He is also one of the members of THEM's house role-playing campaign.

After he left the Air Force (and Korea where he had lived for two years), he moved to Arizona to be with Bethany - after taking a stint in the frozen wastes of Wisconsin to finish a degee in microbiology, he has returned to the desert.

While several people have used THEM Central for its secondary purpose, Jeremy is the first to use THEM Anime successfully in this manner.

Jeremy has recently decided to take a break from writing reviews in order to devote more time to work, school, and childrearing. This is, of course, entirely understandable.

More recently, he has turned his writing talents toward fantasy fiction: his published works to date include the 2012 Oz reimagining The Emerald City and the supernatural Regency-era historical novel A Woman of Proper Accomplishments.

Status: [INACTIVE]

Favorite Anime: Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Crest/Banner of the Stars, Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Azumanga Daioh, Saishuuheiki Kanojo
Least Favorite Anime: Odin Photon Space Sailor Starlight, Mouse, Don't Leave Me Alone Daisy
Favorite Genres: Drama, Science Fiction, Mystery

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