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Jake L Godek

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Living in a place he calls the "Land of No Anime", Jake started watching anime in the 1990's with Speed Racer repeats and Sailor Moon among many others. He currently goes to high school and he is in 10th grade, though most have mistaken this position, often due to his height. His hobbies include:

Anime (a fan since the 90's and hasn't wavered in the least bit)
Manga (a starting trend, considering that most of the places near there don't stock it)
Television (a game show junkie and also likes midnight comedy, especially Adult Swim.)
Music (listens to anything and just about everything except for that gangsta stuff)
Video Games (RPGs mostly, though he also plays just about anything else as long as it's good)
Movies (half of his favorite movies are old Kurt Russell flicks, like Used Cars and Escape From NY)
Science (Meteorology, Astronomy, and Chemistry rank among favorite studies.)
and other things including politics, reading, and comedy.

In 2005, he was watching mostly slice-of-life anime when he went on the internet to search for reviews on Cromartie High School. His search brought me to a review on the site he now calls home. He joined the new version of the forums on May of 2005 and started writing reviews shortly thereafter.

In closing, he would also like to state that he likes Blackjack player Hollywood Dave Stahn.


Favorite Anime: Azumanga Daioh, Cromartie High School, Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura, Vandread, Tenchi Muyo, InuYasha, Datective Conan (Case Closed, if you like), FLCL, among others.
Least Favorite Anime: Demon Lord Dante, The Fuccons, CardCaptors, Pikachu's Rescue Adventure, Kagihime, Suzuka, Pokemon The First Movie, Yu-Gi-Oh, Love Love, Shuffle Conan (Case Closed, if you like), FLCL, among others.
Favorite Genres: Historical, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice-of-Life, School, Action, and Mahou Shojo.
Least Favorite Genres: Extreme Harem and Hentai (includes Tentacle Hentai), Violent Action, Romance Drama, Horror, and Ecchi.

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