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Julian Malerman

THEM Message Board Name: Manticore

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Although raised by avid fans of Studio Ghibli and quite fond of Space Battleship Yamato as a youngster, Julian only began properly considering themself an anime fan near the end of high school, and in the decade-plus since has continued to make this other people’s problem at every opportunity. Joining the THEM Anime Boards in the early 2010s only managed to exacerbate matters further, to the point that they not only write about anime and manga, but occasionally even podcast about it. Truly, a grisly fate, if an inevitable one.

When not trying to convince friends, loved ones and random bystanders to watch Alien Nine with them, Julian spends their free time making experimental music, drawing and writing strange things, dawdling aimlessly, and moping about how few people seem to love Alien Nine like they do.

Favorite Anime: Alien Nine, Cat Soup, Haibane Renmei, Hanamonogatari, Kino’s Journey, Kyousougiga, Made in Abyss, Mononoke, My Neighbour Totoro, Night on the Galactic Railroad, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Tatami Galaxy, Texhnolyze—the list goes on.
Least Favorite Anime: Picking your favourite anime is already like picking your favourite child, and picking your least favourite anime is like that but less fun. With that said: Let me tell you about Pride of Orange…
Favorite Genres: Contemporary fantasy, surreal horror and comedy, anything made with enough heart or charm.
Least Favorite Genres: Death game thriller, ineptly sleazy comedy, anything sufficiently botched or soulless.

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