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Robert Lu

THEM Message Board Name: anime club prez

Hometown: Oakland, California, USA

Robert Lu moved to California from Beijing, China at the age of 7. Throughout his childhood years, cartoons have been a big part of his life in general. It was when he entered high school that the world of anime opened to him. There were monthly issues of Animerica in addition to an anime club. As soon as DVDs became a popular hit back in the days, he began to notice Anime appearing here and there in certain DVD sections, so he saved up his money and bought anything that he saw. Perfect Blue and Ninja Resurrection were the first two DVDs he remembered buying at Circuit City; and while they were disturbing to watch, they were something new and unexpected.

With his continued exposure to anime, he was determined to spread it and introduce people to something he considered under-appreciated at the time. He wanted to go beyond just self-indulgence so he decided to take over the high school anime club where he began to introduce more unique and obscure anime like Alien Nine, Millennium Actress and etc. Eventually, he created the University of Iowa Anime Club where he served the last of his four years before he passed it off to a trusted friend.

Previous in 2004, he was a web staff for T.H.E.M until he became inactive. Just recently in the last year however, he came back into the picture as a review staff hoping to contribute what he can to both members and contents of the site.

Other than Anime, Robert enjoys playing games such Halo PC, RPGs, fighting games, Spades, and hanging out with friends.


Favorite Anime: Gunslinger Girl, H&C I/II, Slayers Next, Solty Rei, Code Geass, Twelve Kingdoms, Monster, Gankutsou, Junkers Come Here, She and Her Cat, Magnetic Rose, Planetes and many more.
Least Favorite Anime: Genocyber, Coyote Ragtime, Eatman 98, Gundoh Musashi, Hyper Speed GranDoll, Loveless, Gravitation, DearS, and many, many more.
Favorite Genres: Everything except yaoi.
Least Favorite Genres: Nothing except yaoi.
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