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Samuel Arbogast

THEM Message Board Name: Vicious
AKA: McWang

Hometown: Cambridge, Ohio, USA

A Marine who has nevertheless found himself wearing Army fatigues lately, Samuel has been a regular around the boards since late in version 1.0, and a frequent visitor to the main site for quite some time before registering there.

His interest in anime started when he was about 5 years old with Speed Racer, which is also when he began to be interested in weapons and history (his two primary activities outside of anime). He only began to delve deeply into anime during the past five to seven years, with his interest in anime growing stronger during this period.

While not an active reviewer at this time, he does pop in from time to time between his deployments to the most dangerous places on Earth. We wish him continued health and fortune: he always has a home here with THEM.

Status: [ACTIVE]

Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop, Jin Roh, Gundam 08th MS Team, Gunslinger Girl and Fullmetal Alchemist
Least Favorite Anime: UFO Princess Valkyrie, SD Gundam Force. anything that ends in 'mon'
Favorite Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Horror
Least Favorite Genres: Hentai, Romance, Sports, Hentai, anything that ends in 'mon'

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