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THEM Anime Q&A round 2 part 1

September 26, 2011

THEM Anime Q&A round 2 part 1

Once again, we have another round of "ask us questions, and we'll answer". But while the asking process were more or less coming from our forum members, we managed to get more of our staff involved this time around. Here are the ones taking place in this Q&A session. (Also, in a little twist of irony, one of the questioneers eventually gained a staff position with us at THEM anime after the whole Q&A session has ended.)

Bradley Meek seems to be under the anime and manga spell of "perpetually late to school" syndrome, so some of his answers will arrive a little later. We've got more buckets of water ready for him for when he does.

CR - Carlos Ross
SH - Stig H

- Stig Høgset

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