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Dallas Marshall

THEM Message Board Name: Dallas23

Hometown: Hayward, California, USA
Education: Chabot College '09 - Japanese Studies / Early Childhood Education; Capella University '13 - Psychology

Dallas Marshall was born in San Francisco, California, 1988, but for most of his life he has lived in a little town not too far from (and less expensive than) San Francisco called Hayward.

Dallas began his escapades into the world of Japanese animation at the age of ten when he discovered Pokemon. Since then, he has never looked back and his passion continues on to this day. His passion in anime has led him to visit Japan and to write professionally on the subject of Japanese animation. He has also helped coordinate a small convention in his hometown with a local anime/gaming club, and continues to promote Japanese animation in his hometown. Dallas discovered THEM Anime Reviews and adamantly pursued his goal of becoming a reviewer for the website. He was accepted into the crew as a reviewer in July 2012.

Outside of anime, Dallas is an avid writer and an overall film-buff. He also shares a passion for hiking, dancing, and RPGs (be they table-top or console). He is currently in the Bachelor's program of Psychology at Capella University, and is having a blast with that as well.

Dallas is currently on an indefinite hiatus from THEM Anime.


Favorite Anime: My Neighbor Totoro, The Sea Prince and the Fire Child, The Vision of Escaflowne, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team, and plenty more!
Least Favorite Anime: Love Hina, GANTZ, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Prince of Tennis

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