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Eric Gaede

AKA: Asalieri, Ataru, Cao Cao, Harpagon, Junkhouse, Maeno, Sakuramboo, Shakesmoliere, Taishi, Tellah

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona, USA / Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia

Eric grew up watching Supercampeones (Captain Tsubasa) and Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya) while growing up in Colombia. He never stopped watching anime as an adult.

Eric is no longer affiliated with THEM Anime Reviews. Yes, he's the Eric Gaede of YouTube infamy, and we no longer maintain contact due to our very strong disagreements with his and his father's devotion to disseminating crackpot pseudoscience. We do, however, thank him for his time and efforts as an anime reviewer.

Status: [RETIRED]
(active 1999-2003)

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