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Jennifer Berman

THEM Message Board Name: doink-chan
AKA: doinkies

Hometown: Pacific Grove, California, USA

Jen (aka doinkies) is a little doink (but not as little as before!) who lives in a small town in California, and she's currently getting through high school and studying Japanese and Spanish at a small college.

Hobbies include:

-anime (especially shoujo anime)
-manga (especially shoujo manga)
-video games (especially RPGs and classic arcade games)
-saying doink
-music (doinkies will listen to anything as long as it isn't enka, hardcore gangsta rap, or country music. Most of the music in those genres is doinky.)

She got into anime in 1999 by watching Sailor Moon and Tenchi Muyo on Cartoon Network, and has watched quite a bit more since then, a large proportion of it shoujo.

She has been following THEM since 2000 and registered on the second version of the THEM Boards. Now she is registered on the new version and is a reviewer, particularly of obscure shoujo anime (although she does review other stuff from time to time).

She does in fact refer to herself as "doinkies" (in the third person). You get used to it after a while.

Status: [INACTIVE]

Favorite Anime: Favorite Anime: Full Moon o Sagashite, Escaflowne (TV), Fruits Basket, Rose of Versailles, Sailor Moon, Stellvia of the Universe, Super GALS!, Scrapped Princess, Princess Tutu, Azumanga Daioh, Marmalade Boy, Kodomo no Omocha, and doinkloads more
Least Favorite Anime: Raimuiro Senkitan, Popotan, Wedding Peach, Rizelmine, Sister Princess, Kokoro Library
Favorite Genres: Comedy, fantasy, drama, sci-fi, magical girl, romance
Least Favorite Genres: Mecha, blood 'n' guts, horror, most yaoi, tentacle hentai, 'dramas' based on dating sims, anime with too much fanservice and not enough plot

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